One Piece 729 Review!

Whoa! Whoa! WHAT!?


This chapter was just insane. I mean how could you end it like this? Oda Sensei, why do you tease us like this?

Ok, lets start with the cover page which I have kindly added to this post. Caribou is being shipped away by X Drake (who is most likely working for Kaidou now) in a black ship. If they think that Caribou is a revolutionary why are they capturing him? Could it be that Kaidou has some sort of agenda against Monkey D. Dragon? I’m still not completely sure why Drake is working with Kaidou but I’m pretty sure there must be some ulterior motive behind it.

The chapter starts with Bellamy spotting Luffy who is still in his Lucy attire. He seems to think that he can kill Luffy and by doing so he can retain his spot in Doflamingo’s family and even get a promotion to an executive staff member. (Whatever the hell that is)

Seriously, just when I thought he might turn a new leaf and become a good guy, he showed me up by doing this. Now I know Bellamy isn’t the smartest of people but even he should realise there is no way in hell he can defeat Luffy. Did the one-hit KO give him amnesia or something?

His plan however comes to abrupt stop before he can even think about how he’s going to carry it out because Dellinger shows up. Dellinger distracts Bellamy with some information he ‘accidentally’ lets slip regarding Joker having told him to kill Bellamy because he was going to fail the task. Dellinger seems to be a right psychopath because he’s smiling at Bellamy whilst talking about killing him whilst Bellamy has an ‘OMG You Serious?!?’ expression on his face. Is this the end for Bellamy? I don’t think so…

We switch over to the Trafalgar Law and Doflamingo fight. The Iron Bridge seems to have been broken. Law is fighting with his Nodachi against Doflamingo’s wires. Law reaches forward to grab Doffy’s heart but Doflamingo is too fast and ducks beneath it whilst bringing his back leg over to WHAM! Hits it right in Trafalgar Law’s face and sends him hurling through the air. He then uses a technique known as ‘bullet string’ (which probably has something to do with his wire-based fruit shooting a string into his opponent).

Law’s on the ground and he can’t seem to recover. Doffy’s got a huge victory smile on his face before taunting him with a, “Your move Law…!” He then mentions something about Dressrosa being a hop, skip and jump away. Not sure what that means but it sounds pretty cool considering its coming from Doflamingo. I mean come on, the guy is just totally cool for a bad guy.

He suddenly gets a call from Diamante who mentions Violet betrayed them and thanks to that they’re in the dark about what the Straw-Hats are planning. To which Doflamingo replies that he had figured something was up after Sanji had shown up and that it didn’t really matter now. He then tells Diamante to send Lao G (the old guy from Doffy’s crew) to the Smile Factory entrance.

Diamante isn’t too sure about it as they’re meant to show up together in the tournament to work up the crowd but Doflamingo says he’s more than enough which gets him well chuffed.

Turning back to Law, it seems he has figured the plan out. According to Doflamingo, Law was meant to be the bait so that the Straw-Hats could destroy the Smile Factory so even if Law died, Kaidou would still come after Doflamingo and kill him. However Law failed to give them enough time.

So with so much at stake, Doflamingo asks him why did Law put so much trust in the Straw-Hats. To which Law replies with a smile on his face, “Because ‘D’ will definitely bring forth another storm!”

Talk about bad-ass lines!!!

So Law is referring here to the ‘D’ lineage and it seems he also knows something about it or is a follower of its legendary status.

Back at the Colosseum, Zoro and Kinemon have found Luffy and Zoro complains why he wasn’t told about the tournament.

Vice-Admiral Bastille is shown and they show that the marines have spotted Zoro and have confirmed Lucy as Luffy. They decide to wait it out for now as if they do anything rash, the Straw-Hats would slip away in the commotion as there are many pirates around. It seems the gladiators that were turned into toys are fading away from the memories of the marines as well due to Trébol’s  crazy devil fruit power.

Kinemon decides to contact Sanji to let him know they’re with Luffy and then mentions that the Colosseum is surrounded by marine casually. In response, Zoro shouts at him for not having given the message more importance.

They carry out a three-way conference call between Sanji, Franky and Kinemon to connect all of the crew. They mention that apart from Law they are all here. Franky mentions the Anti-Doflamingo army of dwarves and how they need to help them out. At first the rest of them are against it as it would cause more trouble and that they should stop this other army but eventually they decide after Franky does an amazing hero speech about how he can’t let these dwarf and toy soldiers throw their lives away.

Suddenly the town is struck by a loud noise that breaks everything in its path and everyone’s attention turns to the noise including Admiral Fujitora. The smoke clears to show Doflamingo standing over Law mocking him. Luffy asks why Tra-guy is with Mingo, oblivious to what’s going on as usual.

Doffy then takes out a gun and shoots Law several times from point blank range shocking everybody watching even Luffy. The chapter ends with Doflamingo smiling.

Is this the end of Trafalgar Law? Please don’t let it be Oda-San.

Also, One Piece is on Hiatus till the second issue of the new year. This wait is going to kill me.


7 responses to “One Piece 729 Review!

  1. love ur site man, just found it 😀 i love to see other people so excited about one piece as me and also i hate that he ended it at such a good point but this is how they make the manga more popular, by getting people to be wcited for the next chapter 😀


    • Hi Soocat. Thanks for the feedback! My first comment! This is Awesome! Let me just get over this excitement…

      Sorry about that.

      Yeah, I am totally obsessed with One Piece and I find it difficult waiting a week for new chapters. This break is going to be torture. But I guess this is a way to make the manga more popular with the cliff-hanger effect. It’s what they do in TV shows to make you wait for the next episode. Also, Oda Sensei does deserve a break every now and again. I also read Bakuman so I know how hard being a mangaka can be.

      Anyways, thanks once again for dropping by my blog and feel free to make any recommendations like any other manga or anime you want me to start watching or you want me to review. I’ve got a list of what I’m into but I don’t mind expanding it.


      • ive got all the bakuman books, seen the anime like 5 times so i also know how hard it is to be a mangaka and ive talked to Odas nephew in a game some years ago and she said he was tired and had bad health so i agree that he needs a break 😀 and i also could have known what one piece is because the person i talked to knew what it was but i didnt wanna ask becasue that would ruin everything. one thing is wanting to know what happens in the end but when u know that and its done then what? everything will just end and your life will be less fun because you have no new chapter and stuff to wait for 😀


        • Wow! That is pretty awesome! That is sad to hear about Oda-San. I hope he doesn’t over work himself to that point. This break should serve him well. Also, I wouldn’t want someone spoiling it for me as well. It’s like Robin saying no when Silver’s Rayleigh offered to tell her about Raftel.


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