Okay, this has been a long 24 hours but I think I’ve got a theme for my blog that I am currently satisfied with although this might not be the case once I get some feedback. At the moment I think it will do but by no means am I pleased with what I have accomplished so far. I strive to be better so I shall make it better.

The truth is, if I can’t make myself happy then there’s not much point trying to please others. Its my work so I must be able to sell it to others. Can’t be trying to sell it when you don’t want it yourself. That’s false salesmanship which is what probably all salesmen do but I don’t want to start off my blog with a lie.

If anybody has got any feedback then please let me know. Whether its the outlay, fonts, header or background… Just let me know how I can improve it so its not too much of an eyesore to you.

This is my first time so I have to be patient with myself.