Ok, sorry about any spoiler from the image I’ve used but that pretty much sums up this chapter. I’ll just be adding the juicy details and my personal opinion on it all.

The chapter starts off with Natsu shown defeated by the ‘If I touch you, you’re a bomb’ technique. Mikero, the council member the Taratarus Demon has come to kill, seems like a right coward as he charges off in a random direction to avoid being killed. Jackal chases after him whilst Wendy and Lucy try to get in his way.

I just realised from this point, that this council member is really weak. I mean he has no fighting capabilties at all. I understand he’s old but look at Makarov. The guy is a beast!

Wendy uses Sky Dragon’s Roar making sure to fight from a distance and not touch him. There is an explosion and it seems the Jackal Demon can defend himself with explosions. I don’t know what you think of that but I think it’s pretty amazing. His offence is his defence as well.

Lucy decided to open the Gate to Scoprio and out steps the crazy looking dude that looks like a Scorpion Zoan type devil fruit user and reminds me of Inazuma from One Piece because of his hair. He send forth a huge sand whirlwind at the Demon but again Jackal uses his explosions to defend himself and send everyone flying. I presume by this point, the poor Scorpion guy is already defeated because he isn’t shown again. LOL

Jackal decides to shed some light on his abilities as well as everyone else fro Taratarus. They don’t use magic, they uses curses!

Dun Dun Dun

So they’re not mages at all if they don’t use magic. How can they be a guild, the bastards? But yeah, they use curses which makes them Witches or Gypsies in my point of view. They prefer the word Demon so let’s just go with that. Mages apparently don’t stand a chance against them. He uses an exploding spiral technique that pretty much take out both the girls.

The Jackal then has the humor to shout “Well Seeya!” before chasing after the council member again. I thought this was hilarious because he seems to be in a really jolly mood, with a bounce in his step like this whole thing was a game he was enjoying. The grand-daughter of the council member, who was nowhere to be seen up until this point, suddenly decides to show up to show some sympathy. I mean, you could call for some help, no?

She thinks they’re doing this for her grandfather but Lucy corrects her, “No! We were fighting for our Pride!” So yeah, we don’t really give a shit about you guys, we just can’t take losing to anybody. It hurts our pride. Way to go Lucy. You showed her where your priorities lie. She then follows up with the cliche ‘Hero’ line. “Wendy! Take care of Natsu! … I’m going after him!”

They switch over to the council member who is running around a small town asking random people to help him because he’s being hunted down. They don’t know who the hell he is and aren’t too bothered about it so he decides to show his ‘jerk’ side by claiming he is deserving of protection because he is a former council member and protected all of them up until now. Erm, yeah… I don’t really think you ever protected anybody old man. You were probably just power hungry so eff you!

Jackal shows up on top of a building startling the old man who drops the ground and starts grovelling for his life claiming he has nothing to do with the council any more and just wants to live in peace with his grand-daughter. To which Jackal points out, you just left her with you tail between your legs which is a fair point. Another point to Taratarus Demon in their battle against the Council Members. I am starting to like this guy.

Now its Lucy’s turn to show up. She’s about to open another gate but Jackal give her a ‘not so fast’. He’s set-up a trap known as the land-mine curse. She takes another step and it’s “KABOOM!” The floor beneath Lucy has one of those curse marks set-out used to trap or summon demons and stuff and it’s beeping.

Lucy tries to tell everyone to run away but they’re all too curious to leave. Probably the most exciting thing that’s ever happened in their little town. Jackal suddenly has an idea inspired by the Dark Knight’s Joker. He takes the council member and a random woman from the crowd, who just happens to be pregnant, although showing no signs. (I bet she’s faking it.)

This is another curse that makes them both ticking time bombs and it’s up to Batm- I mean Lucy to decide who she wants to save. Now the rest of the town people decide to run away. Lucy starts asking stupid questions like what he’s going to get out of doing this and to fight her.

Jackal’s reply is pretty straight-forward. He doesn’t give a shit about humans. He’s just having a bit of fun. Lucy spaces out, not sure who to save as she only has 10 seconds to decide and the council member goes to ultimate jerk mode as he tells her that his life is far more important than some commoners and the decision is really easy. At this point, I was hoping Lucy makes the decision to let him die already. Jackal is having the time of his life, cackling like a- … well a Jackal. I see what you did there Mashima-San.

Before poor Lucy can make her decision, Natsu shows up and makes it for by choosing Jackal as a fist hits his face. The bombs are defused much to the delight of the old an but Natsu knocks him out as well, claiming he was pissing him off. Go Natsu!

Jackal mocks Natsu’s stupidity for touching him again but Natsu seems to have figured out a way to eat the explosion as it explodes. GO NATSU!!!

The look on Jackal’s face as the chapter ends is EPIC!

It’s like he’s thinking, what in the living world is this guy?

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and next chapter will be continuing of this fight and probably the end as well as its titled Natsu vs Jackal. Please come back again next week to read my review on the next one.