With the 50th anniversary of the Doctor just having passed, it has got me thinking… What is so great about this show? I’m not really much into sci-fi stuff. I don’t mind it but the whole universe with aliens doesn’t really appeal to me as much as another dimension or a fantasy world. However, I am a huge fan of time-travel and any movie that is related to time-travel. It fascinates me all the possibilities it brings with it.

Now I have a friend who is a ‘Whovian’ (A term Dr Who fans call themselves). I prefer the word Whotard as it goes well with ‘Narutard’ the name most often associated with die-hard Naruto fans. Before I get a lot of hateful feedback, I don’t hate Naruto. I actually do read the manga every week but I am not obsessed with it as much as a lot of other Naruto fans who believe Naruto is the greatest show/manga/anime to ever exist, hence the term ‘Narutard’.

I think I might be moving off topic here with the whole ‘Narutard’ thing so I’ll save that for another post. This one is all about Dr Who and how I am starting my journey in the world of Who-Dism. Now I’m not sure if that is an actual word but I think it fits pretty well here.

So this friend of mine thinks it’s the greatest show on Earth… Or maybe the Universe considering Dr Who is a Time Lord who travels across the Universe. That was a bit lame, I know… Just wanted to show off the little knowledge I had about the show… but I haven’t ever really explored it. Therefore I have decided to give it a shot. There’s nothing to lose after all, apart from some time which I will never be able to get back should I not enjoy the show. But that is a risk I am willing to take. As long as I am entertained, there’s no harm.

Now here is the fun part. Not only am I going to be watching it but I’m going to be reviewing each episode as I go along so everybody who follows my blog can also be a part of it. So if there is anybody out there who is in the same boat as me, here is the chance to link boats together so we can travel on our journey together. Yeah, that sounds kind of stupid but you get the idea. It’s much more fun to do something together than on your own.

I’ll try watching an episode a day. I might miss a day here and there considering life can be unpredictable but I will try doubling up for it, although knowing how I work, I won’t promise anything.

So wish me luck and I hope you enjoy reading my reviews.