Becoming an Otaku! Chapter One – Pokémon vs Dragon Ball Z

So how did it all start for me? How did I become this Anime Geek?

Ever since as long as I can remember, I was into stuff that related to fighting. So it was a lot of Power Rangers for me. Considering it’s based off the Japanese Super Sentai, it makes a lot of sense. I was destined to be influenced by Japanese shows.

So growing into my late childhood, I stumbled across Pokémon, the first series on Sky One. I fell in love at first sight. The show was everything I could ask from a series at the time. There was a sense of adventure, companionship, dreams and had some humour in there as well. This was before the Pokémon Trading Card craze took over the market. I was already a huge fan of the series before that even began so I felt like I was a true fan in comparison to the rest of the kids in my school.

Now at this point, I wasn’t aware of what Dragon Ball Z was and how much epic awesomeness it contained. I had a friend who was a die-hard DBZ fan and opposing him was I, the Pokémon fanatic.

We would often debate what as the better show and I would refuse to watch DBZ as I felt it would be a betrayal of my love for Pokémon.

Season One Pokémon

  • This was the greatest season for me. There was so much awesome content.
  • Pikachu and Ash not getting along!
  • Ash and Pikachu escaping the wrath of the Spearow!
  • Ash meeting Misty and stealing her bike –The chemistry between them was awesome!
  • Brock and the Gym battle where Pikachu overcomes the disadvantage against Rock-Types!
  • Pikachu refusing to take the Thunder Stone to evolve!
  • CharmanderCharmeleonCharizard!
  • Bulbasaur! (Reminds me of Zoro from One Piece)
  • Squirtle Squad!
  • Charizard vs Magma! (My favourite Battle! Seismic Toss!)
  • Poké-Rap!
  • The list goes on and on…

The finest moment was the ending where they finally make their way to the Pokémon League. This was the first time I came across real defeat in a show. Never had I experienced the protagonist not achieving their goal. Although he had lost before in gym matches. He would always go back and defeat them. Here he didn’t have that opportunity. I think Pokémon taught me a lot about life when growing up.

The Pokémon movie was awesome as well! Mew-Two made a fine villain and it was like WHOA! A Pokémon that can compete with humans? It was just out of this world at the time. Let’s not forget the Pokémon game on the game-boy.

There is so much more to talk about but I think I’ll have to save that for another blog where I explore the whole of Season One of Pokemon in more detail.

Season Two – Orange Islands

This was pretty good. Not as good as the first because Brock was replaced by Tracey but I still enjoyed it.

Travelling on the Lapras from island to island was interesting. Kinda reminds me of One Piece now that I think about it. (Yeah, my life revolves around that show…)

It was different to the first season as it was more about skill than strength. It was all about how you utilize your Pokémon to get the best out of them. I loved the ice-boat race!

Ash ends up winning this league which was very pleasing. He had finally accomplished something apart from being ‘in the top 16’.

Season 3 – Johto League

I can’t explain how excited I was about the new season and the new Pokémon that had been discovered. I would go around telling everybody in school and preparing myself for another 100 or so names to remember.

I liked the new starters as well for this one but unfortunately this was my final season before I lost interest. I did watch some of the fourth season but I couldn’t really keep myself interested. This was the final season with all three of the original’s; Brock, Misty and Ash!


10 responses to “Becoming an Otaku! Chapter One – Pokémon vs Dragon Ball Z

      • Hahaha omg blast from the past!! Totally forgot about that Charizard vs Magmar battle. The Rock Pokemon were pretty cool too. Totally thought Jiggly Puff was adorbs with her cute little song that made everyone sleep.


  1. Nice summary of the early Pokemon seasons. I like the Pokemon games, but I was a little too old to get into the series when it aired on Sky. I was a fan of DBZ however, although I wouldn’t rewatch it now as it is so full of filler.


    • Luckily I was just at the right age when Pokemon hit the TV Screens. DBZ is worth watching when its on here or there for the memories… But just like Pokemon, there was too much filler and not enough story. There were only a few major arcs and they were very slow in nature but just like with Pokemon, DBZ and I share many fond memories…

      This comment reminds me. I need to continue this with a part two. Let’s just say, it’s coming soon… I hope. Don’t want to forget again. LOL

      Do remind me if I haven’t continued on from this in a weeks time.


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  4. Ah, Pokemon. Pokemon took up a huge chunk of my childhood and I have so many fond memories of watching the anime when I was younger. I actually watched through most of Hoenn, though I think it was Battle Frontier that I stopped regularly keeping up because from Kids WB on Saturday mornings to Cartoon Network at really ungodly times (I could’ve sworn that it aired around 5 AM where I lived, a little trooper like me could not be that dedicated, sadly). Still, I have so much love for Pokemon and even today I still really enjoy the games (though I have yet to buy Black/White 2 or X/Y, I’m getting really behind on the times here). I certainly wouldn’t enjoy the Pokemon anime as I did way back when, but I think back to those days when I used to wake up every Saturday morning to watch it and I just can’t deny that it was a wonderful thing back in those days.


    • Indeed. For me it wasn’t so early. 8am I believe it was and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I saw every single episode from the start but stopped somewhere in the middle of Hoenn.

      I think I must have just grown out of it. I don’t even remember when I stopped.

      The problem was… there was too much filler.


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