Chapter #1039 Review

So the chapter opens up just where the previous one ended where Ippo keeps on moving forward like the challenger he is and he wants to get up, close and personal with his Mexican opponent.

Gonzalez however wants to remain on the out-side, being an out-boxer and he is capable of doing so with his amazing left jab. It’s keeping Ippo at bay and it’s just brilliant to visualize. Ippo keeps losing the left, unable to judge the movement and is being struck on the chin over and over.

Ippo tries to visualize his training with the glove at the end of a mop and the fights with other out-boxers. He compares Gonzalez’s left jab to Samawura and Gedo in their straightness and Mashiba and Sanada for their variation. Quite a jab it is then if it brings into account four of Ippo’s strongest opponent’s. He’s right… How the hell is he supposed to dodge it?

For a moment it looks like Ippo has decided to stop rushing in like a mad-man but then there he goes again. Even Gonzalez is thinking he needs to settle down. But knowing Ippo, we know he learns the hard-way. Love his resilience and determination.

He charges in once again and this time, he manages to dodge it. Not quite sure how but he gets inside the World’s Number 2. Sendo looks pleased. Miyata and Mashiba still look a bit concerned but the Coach is ecstatic. He thinks Ippo can make the most of it.

Even the Mexican knows he’s going to get a shot in so he tenses his stomach muscles aiming to block what he perceives to be a body blow. The crowd is on their feet awaiting the result. There’s a connection but nobody is quite sure what happened. The art is amazing. The crowd seem to think he’s got him with a blow to the liver but Ippo doesn’t look too confident and it makes me think something must have not gone to plan.

And I was right. Gonzalez managed to block it, despite being in such a disadvantageous position. He is truly a class act. However, there is a grimace on his face. Although he was able to block it, the shot goes through and hurts him. That’s Ippo for you. His strength is just absurd. It’s just not natural. The Coach encourages Ippo to go for it now considering Gonzalez has stopped moving. This is Ippo’s best chance yet. Will he be able to take it?

Just when it looked like Ippo would get the upper hand, the ref comes in between to signal the end of the round. “The bell has rung!”

WHY? Couldn’t we have another few seconds…?

Can’t believe it’s only the first round yet. Why can’t real life boxing be this good? Although the Froch vs. Groves was pretty decent, apart from the ending that is.

Gonzalez has realised the threat Ippo poses and the fact that he must have had previous training to deal with punches that change direction. It’s also clear that Ippo is confident that he can deal with his left now. This is going to be interesting. How will Gonzalez respond? Does he have a plan B?

Everybody seems to think he can do although Date-San has given the round to Gonzalez by a point, which makes sense considering the damage Ippo took. The Coach makes sure Ippo is fit to go and boy is he raring to go back in there. Itagaki looks depressed but he’s hoping Ippo can win, which is understandable. A shame he lost but I guess over-confidence comes with a price.

I can’t wait for the next chapter.