Tower of God - vol 2 ch 87 | Batoto!Season 2, Chapter #37

The chapter starts inside the Archimedes where there seems to be quite the commotion going on. There are emergency calls being shouted as ‘Trespassers have escaped from their cells’.

Not quite sure what’s going on but it seems the gates to some sort of prison have been opened up to allow them all freedom and now they’re all running wild.

Perhaps somebody has done this to get a certain someone out or this is all for a distraction. Either way, the guards are all stressed out and are blaming it on the malfunction of the shinsoo. It shows that the electronics that control the gates are emitting electrical currents.

There’s a guard wearing a mask standing beside the control panel and he receives a message asking if he’s ‘bought some time with his’ which means my assumption was correct.

The guard is revealed to be the second level examiner and the ranker, Lero-Ro. He claims that he’s told Hatsu he truth about everything so he would let his team-mates know and that they would have to leave everything else up to them and stick to their own jobs. Which makes sense because in such circumstances, you got to allow the protagonist team to get things done by themselves. After all, they are the ‘Hero’ team.

Two ‘important’ men are shown standing above watching through a glass window. (Probably examining the whole area)

A message is received about the prisoners escaping but the main man doesn’t seem too fussed, making a comment about having ‘rats in the ship’; which refers to those who are working against them I presume. He informs the other man, who I now think is just a messenger that it doesn’t really matter and keep quiet about it till the match ends. Only the result of the tournament matters.

The Semi-Finals are about to begin and the set-up is similar to the previous round where there will be two members from each team involved to start off with. Obviously Team Leesoo and Team Koon are actually one big happy family so they have the advantage and they are planning to summon Baam. Using Emile, they were able to deduce that three of Baam’s FUG Team members have also left the team so they are counting on them to free Baam whilst they create the means to summon him. It would be the only way to save him.

The plan is simple; Wangnan and Quaetro are to go to the summoning area whilst Rak and Yihwa will battle the enemies to gather the points necessary. Akaraptor and the Bee-Girl are also involved in some way.

It’s quite cool to see Leesoo and Koon working together again… Can’t wait for the whole reunion!

Team Snake’s Macha and Belkrohn enter the scene to get the battle under way. They poke fun out of Rak for being so small and Rak even comments on how strong they are after attacking them in his small form and getting swatted away by Macha. It’s pretty hilarious how he gets so worked up so easily.

Yihwa decides to go crazy with her fire power but it seems Belkrohn is super effective against fire-types because like Natsu from Fairy-Tail, he too can eat flames.

Apparently there is a bounty on Yihwa’s head but Macha offers her to join him because he finds her attractive and in return he will spare her life. Yihwa blows him off with an insult. Just when it seems Macha will attack her, the huge Mr Rak appears behind him and tells the ‘turtle’ to move his foot as the man has his foot on Yihwa’s back.

That’s the end of the chapter. I like the fact that the action is underway and I can’t wait to see these two get absolutely destroyed by Rak but overall, I feel the chapter is lacking something. I wanted a little bit more. Perhaps I need to wait and read two at a time.