I thought I would be getting an office, with a desk and one of those electronic pencil sharpener, when I became a consultant blogger for, my dear Desperado.

Sadly not the case!

There’s a distinctive difference between assumption and deduction; the trick however is to never assume.  The clue is actually in the first three letters, that make the word.  Deduction on the other hand, now that’s a craft.  A science within itself,  if you will, the ability to observe and extract information from your surrounding in order to derive a possible conclusion.  BUUUUT  I don’t possess that ability!

Never the less I am the consultant blogger of “Sleeping Geek”

So let me  ask you, are you a GEEK? or Is he a Geek? perhaps she or even I…?

Have you ever had the horrible misfortune of telling a friend that “your not quite into the thing, that she/he is super duper into?”  If your answers is no, then your probably geek!

A geek is someone who possesses a certain degree of passion, about something; like a series of books, video games, TV series, anime or manga etc.  However, exceed that level then your pretty much going to sound like a nutcase.

The harsh reality is, it can be lonely and not everyone will get it, no matter how bad you want to share the epicness with someone.  Also you’re probably having little to no sex!  The exact correlation is uncertain but it certainly is a consistent side effect of being a geek!

If you are one those people then feel free to share the moment with us, as we share ours with you.

P.S Anyone watch the 50th anniversary episode?  (If you get what I am referring to, then you my friend ARE AWESOME!)