The Doctor, to impress his new assistant decides to take her five billion years into the future. FIVE BLLION YEARS? Isn’t that taking it too far? Doc Martin only took Marty McFly to 2015. I guess this Doctor is on a much higher scale to the Doc from Back to the Future.

So where does he decide to take her for their first trip into the world of time and dimensions?

To the end of the world!

That’s genius!

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Who wouldn’t anybody want to see their planet destroyed… completely? That should cheer Rose up about leaving her world behind.

Now, the different races are interesting to see. We have blue people, tree people, hairy people, alien people and even crow people. Everybody is exchanging gifts and the Doctor bizarrely gives everybody his breath.

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The tree woman seems to enjoy this gesture and seems to have a crush on the Doctor and he seems to be flirting back. Naughty Doctor.

It seems that this Doctor is very mysterious even amongst aliens as his race is unknown to her pokédex like thingy. She can’t identify him very well and when she does, she is quite shocked. This should be interesting. Do we find out more about the ‘Doctor’.

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We also get to see a piece of stretched out skin with a face; the last remaining human.

As a tribute to Earth they used the song ‘Tainted Love’ like it was the most worthy of representing the whole of Earth’s music. Not saying it’s a bad song but I guess, considering the number of covers it’s had, it was bound to be one available after 10,000 years to play.

So the hairy people are giving away, or should I say forcing these metal balls down everybody’s throats. Okay, that doesn’t sound too good but you get the picture… Actually, forget I said that as well. Just leave it at they’re giving these metal globes to everybody as gifts.

Clearly some sinister reason behind this right?

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The answer to that question is yes indeed. There’s these techno creatures inside that you would expect from a transformer’s movie and they’re out to ruin the end of the world; if that makes any sense…

Rose seems to be questioning her decision to go with the ‘Doctor’ considering she hardly knows anything about him. So she asks him and he doesn’t want to talk about it but he then makes it up to her and does some ‘jigery pokery’ with her phone and gets it connected to ‘5 billion years’ to the past so Rose can talk to her mom.

I realised he says the word ‘Fantastic’ a lot… It’s like how I say the word ‘Awesome’ a lot.

Rose went and had a whole bitch-fest with the Kassandra skin-sheet.

I don’t think that was a good idea. Although not much she can do being a ‘bitchy trampoline’. Although she did mention that humans have been ‘mingling’ with other species to create new races known as digi-humans and what-not.

It’s quite interesting how the Tardis can translate all languages telepathically so they can understand all the other creatures.

We also learn that the tree woman knows who the Doctor is and that something tragic happened in the past with him. Ooooh, this is interesting.

And now we get a bit of Britney Spears with ‘Toxic’… That’s more like Earth, although I’m surprised they didn’t go with a bit of Billy Piper. xD

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Rose gets trapped in a room where the sun is trying to burn her, trapped in there by the hairy-people. Apparently the sun filter has gone down because those metal creatures are ‘sabotaging’ the main computer system that controls the ship.

I like the little jokes between Rose and the Doctor. They’re so sarcastic.

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So the hairy-people were actually droids belonging to Kassandra? She’s a real bitch. Rose figured her out with one look. She doesn’t seem to like Rose much either.

And her reason was for insurance? Seriously? It’s still all about scamming insurance companies… I guess something’s will never change.

Jade, the plant woman, sacrifices herself to save the ship in allowing the Doctor to save the day. She addresses him as the Time-Lord which makes him smile. The Doctor manages to get the shields up in time but Jade doesn’t make it, her wood body catching on fire and burning to a crisp.

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R.I.P Jade the Plant Woman.

Kassandra managed to escape using some teleportation system. Clever Bitch! However, she didn’t actually teleport; she just disappeared allowing the Doctor to get back at her.

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The Doctor gets his own back on her by raising the temperature and making her body blow out due to dry skin. Fantastic!

 The ending is pretty emotional with the Earth dying but then they return to Earth to keep Rose from getting depressed but it does make her think and makes us think as well. The Earth will be gone one day.

So the planet of the Time-Lords was destroyed and he’s the only one remaining. That’s pretty sad.


Overall, this episode is a bit drab but you do get to understand more about the Doctor and what this show has to offer. The comedy moments weren’t as good as the first episode but I guess the first episode is meant to be better than the ones that follow as to set the scene. Not much else to say.

I give it a 6.5/10