Following on from the previous chapter, Natsu and Jackal stand face to face; mano-a-mano.

Jackal is completely flabbergasted. That is exactly the word that best describes his expression; total and utter astonishment. He cannot seem to comprehend how this is possible.

Why doesn’t somebody explain?

This is Fairy Tail BITCH! 

He then asks the stupidest of questions…

“Who the hell are you?”

He gets his answer, all wrapped up with a punch.

“I’M NATSU!!!”

Jackal has totally lost his mind. He can’t seem to understand that somehow Natsu has figured out a way to defeat the exploding trick. I can perhaps understand why he’s so confused because Natsu figuring something out is quite a mystery.

How does he figure things out with his one dimensional thinking is beyond me… but I guess he shares that trait with Luffy. They both seem like complete idiots but in battle they’re frickin’ geniuses!

Jackal is actually feeling scared of Natsu’s power and can’t understand why.

Do we have to explain this again?

He’s frickin’ NATSU!!!

And this is Fairy Tail BITCH!

Jackal suddenly starts morphing into an actual jackal. They fight on par for a moment but then Natsu  pulls out the Laxus lightning that Laxus gave Natsu back when they fought Master Hades whichc Natsu managed to keep inside him permanently. One punch and it sends Jackal flying and makes a point of team-work and fighting for our friends that Natsu was talking about.

Luckily, he didn’t go into full on ‘Talk no Jutsu’ mode like Naruto and actually defeated the bastard.

  Natsu using the Lightning Flame Dragon’s Firing Hammer! Quite a mouthful that is… But it is a super awesome move so we can forgive them. Lightning and Fire power… Two in One!

Jackal decides, this would be a good time to announce that since he is defeated, he is going to self-explode and take out the whole village with him, including our heroes.

This doesn’t look good. What do they do from here? Will someone have to sacrifice themselves for the others like Laxus did previously against one of the Tartarus Demons?

It’s Happy! Happy grabs Jackal and starts flying to the sky.

What in the? Noooooo… Happy can’t die.

Happy has a smile on his face saying, “As if we’d lose to the likes of you guys…”


There’s a huge explosion…

… But Happy SURVIVES!!! And he escapes with some burns and an afro!


LMAO! Happy with an Afro!

This was totally like ‘Pell’ from the One Piece Arabasta Arc and Batman from the Dark Knights Rises.. Except Happy got an Afro!

All in all, a feel good chapter… That’s the thing about Hiro Mashima. He knows how to make the readers remain happy and positive. The next chapter is called ‘The Demon Notebook’… Sounds interesting. Reminds me of Deathnote.

And to answer the question in the title…