Season 2, Chapter #38

This chapter starts big… and I mean BIG! Rak has gone into huge Dinosaur/Alligator mode; his true form much to the surprise of the Snake Members. They question his growth to which Rak replies, “I was this big in the first place!” and starts calling them midget turtles.

Koon informs the others to get a move on as they’re not the only enemies.

Speaking of enemies, they cut across to Beta who is standing alone very far away from the centre of action. It’s clear he wants to travel over there but to do so he must consume a special substance; a worm like parasite that uses the body as a host which disguises the person as a contestant. However, there is a catch. The parasite can take over the mind of the host and control it if the host isn’t careful. The man providing Beta with this special substance is one of the FUG gamblers; Devil Bon.

This will allow Beta to participate in the games without breaking the rules. Beta doesn’t seem too concerned with the consequences of taking this substance claiming he is far too powerful to be controlled by such means.

Perhaps this Devil Boon is trying to get Beta to take this worm-like thing in order to control him. I don’t think he’s a trust worthy guy. Beta doesn’t seem like a very smart guy. Seems a bit rash and does things without thinking.

The Snake duo decides to attack Mr. Rak together and they do pretty well. He mentions the weapon that they used is not normal and it end up leaving a cut on Rak’s leg. They’re much stronger than I first thought.

However, Rak isn’t one to have a huge ego where he thinks he can take them both on together. He’s got brains as well which surprised me. He orders Yihwa to work with on the attack and despite her reluctance because of the ‘baldy’ being able to eat her fire and her not being able to control it.

Rak disregards her disadvantage and tells her to do what she does best and ‘Let it burn!’

For a moment you don’t understand how this is going to work. I thought she was just going to burn everybody and Rak is going to allow himself to get burnt to hurt the other guys.

But I was soooo wrong. Rak goes right to the flame-eater and shuts his mouth with his hand and asks him to eat the fire now. The fire is apparently hotter than Lava. Damn! This girl can burn! She takes them both out. No problem. So not only is he an awesome guy but also a good leader and team-player; something that I hadn’t considered before.

Tower of God - vol 2 ch 88 | Batoto!

He then makes an awesome announcement that really hits the spot in order to convey his strong feelings about Baam.

Suddenly, Beta makes an entrance complaining about the noise before asking if they’re friends of Viole.

This is going to be hella interesting in the next chapter.

Also, to finish things off, the Baam rescue team is shown entering the cave.

Overall an interesting chapter and gave some great content for Rak fans like MEEEE! So yeah, I was very happy with this chapter.