On to my third episode of Doctor Who and we’ve already got Zombie’s… Looks like you just can’t escape from them. We got Walkers, White-Walkers and now this lot…

But I do like the thought of a zombie apocalypse. Got a plan sorted out should it ever take place. All I need is a shovel, a cricket bat and my car. That should do the trick? It worked for Sean and Eddy didn’t it? Well it worked for Sean…

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The Dead come back to life…

Anyway, moving on… The dead are coming to life and killing the living. Not very nice for the living eh, especially when your dead grandmother kills you. The guy at the morgue is trying to cover it up though. That’s not a good idea. Even the girl with him doesn’t think it is. Luckily for them, Rose and the Doctor have just arrived in 1860. And it’s CHRISTMAS!!!

Feels like I’m going to be seeing scrooge popping up somewhere with his bar humbug.

Also the girl with the guy from the morgue seems to be a psychic of some sort. She can see into the minds of dead people? Not quite sure but she’s definitely not normal. This is quite interesting.

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What did I say about scrooge? We’ve got Charles Dickens’!  That counts doesn’t it? I mean he wrote Christmas Carol…

The Doctor tells an excited Rose to get dressed in more appropriate clothing otherwise she’d cause a riot in her chav get-up.

Kinda reminds me of Doc Martin and Marty McFly in Back to the Future III; although Doc got it very wrong with that one with the cowboy outfit he makes Marty wear. And I mean cowboy outfit in the literally… Not just implying that it was a ridiculous outfit. I mean it was a ridiculous outfit but it was also a cowboy outfit. I think I realise why they use that term to describe a ridiculous looking outfit.

That’s ironic, because I was actually watching “Back to the Future II” just this morning… But I guess they’re both involved in time travel and they both have a doctor in them so I’m bound to find comparisons here and there.

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Unlike Marty, Rose actually looks really nice with her 1860’s outfit… Or should I say 1869 as the Doctor informs us using the ‘let’s check the newspaper’ trick. Oh and they’re in Cardiff. SHEEP SHAGGERS!

Didn’t I mention Scrooge? Well he does get mentioned.

Charles Dickens is reading out his story out loud in front of some of a crowd and next thing you know, the old hag of a dead grandmother who killed the man at the beginning of the episode.

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I guess she was a huge Scrooge fan.

Next thing you know, the spirit of the dead woman leaves her body and starts prancing about the drama hall. Everybody goes bat-shit insane and starts running and the timing of her arrival is quite amazing as well as Dickens was talking about Marley the Ghost. The Doctor and Rose arrive just in time. Charles thinks it’s some sort of trick blaming the Doctor for it.

The morgue man and the girl take the dead woman out of there and load her in a carriage. Rose arrives and questions what they’re doing and upon doing so, the man uses some chloroform I believe to take Rose out and loads her in the carriage as well.

Charles… or Charley as the Doctor calls him, being his biggest fan doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on but soon he and the Doctor hit off after some charm and flattery were used upon the great writer.

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They end up going to the morgue where Rose is captive in a room of the dead grandmother and grandson duo. Just on cue of her waking up do they also rise from the dead following the flickering of lights.

The Doctor and Charles arrive just in time to save the day after the Doctor makes a discovery of living gas inside the walls of the building.

Weird, I thought it was spirits. So spirits are made of gas? Fantastic!

The Doctor asks the zombies who they are and they actually respond, unlike the brainless idiots from the Walking Dead. They mention something about a rift and cannot sustain. Sounded like a cry for help. The morgue guy thinks it’s the house… it’s haunted. GOSH!

Charles still won’t believe it and The Doctor tells him to shut up… LOL!

Apparently the house has a rift that’s widening. It’s a point in time and space that’s weak.

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Rose hits it off with the girl, gwyneth and they talk about boys. She then looks into her mind and looks at modern day London. She’s a bloody mind-reader… Fantasic!

The Doctor says it’s because of growing up on the rift.

Charles is being a Scrooge about the whole thing as they try to contact the spirits in order to help them with Gwyneth being the medium.The spirits talk letting them know that they have lost their physical form after the time war. So they’re basically aliens called the Gelth. They want the dead bodies so they can live again. They’re on the brink of extinction.

Rose doesn’t think this is right but Gwyneth wants to help, thinking she was born for this and wants to help the ‘angels’ by opening the rift. However, they’re not really angels. They betray the Doctors trust and want the whole world for themselves. Also they’re not few but many. They even kill the old man who runs the morgue.

The Zombie’s try to kill them and take over their bodies but Charles comes to the rescue with some physics. They fill the room with gas to draw them out. Gwyneth is left to hold them there as there is no other choice.

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She lights the place on fire, closing the rift in the process.

Rose isn’t happy with her death but the Doctor informs her that she was already dead the moment she opened the rift.

Charles becomes a jolly guy all of a sudden, much like a changed Scrooge.

In conclusion, the episode is pretty good although it lacked a lot on the comedy side. Another sacrifice but I guess that I’ll have to get used to that.