I don’t think is often done but I’m actually going to review the poster. You see this poster is just like a spoiler bomb. For the upcoming movie, all I knew was (and I believe this was the common knowledge all us marvel fans shared) that Electro would feature in this movie as the villain and he would be played by none other than the famous Jamie ‘Django’ Fox.

From this poster we can see there won’t be just one antagonist in the new movie…

Not two…


(Okay, they’re not all from the original lot and neither did they all appear together but they’re still a part of it. They made my skin crawl when they teamed up to take on spiderman.)

For those that didn’t follow the comics or any of the televised animation series, the Sinister Six was a group led by KingPin, Doc Oc, Sandman or the Green Goblin at one point of the other to take down Spiderman where Six of Spiderman’s foes were brought together as a team in order to take him down.

So yeah, we’ve got three of them…

And which ones are they you ask?


Well obviously, one of them is Electro being played by Jamie Fox; the electric guy. Looks hella weird but I guess they wanted to go with a different look. Let’s just go with it and see how it goes.

Next we have everybody’s favourite, the Green Goblin. He was played by both Willem Dafoe and James Franco as Norman and Harry Osborn in the previous instalments of the previous series.


In the new movie, it seems he’s going to be played by Dane DeHaan, of the Chronicle fame. You know the kid that goes off his head with all the power he gets. Yeah, that crazy guy!

The third is one of my favourites. I don’t really know why I liked the guy. Perhaps it was because of his size and strength, I can’t be certain but it’s none other than Rhino.

However, they seem to have got his design confused with some ‘Japanese Mecha Anime Robot’ because that’s what it looks like… A Robot! Please don’t disappoint me with this movie.


He’s being played by Paul Giamatti who you have probably seen in many movies. In an interview he mentioned that he would be wearing a particular kind of suit and that “He’s a Russian mobster. Russians are always good villains. I have an ability to just destroy things,” he said. “My accent is pretty hammy. I loved doing it. It seemed to me like an opportunity to be as over-the-top hammy as possible. It was really fun.”

So yeah, we got poor little Spidey up against three bad-ass villain’s.

Well I’m hoping this movie is ‘Amazing’ and we get to see a lot more Spiderman and Gwen! Emma Stone as Gwen was such an amazing choice, the on-screen chemistry between the two was awesome! So yeah… looking forward to it…