To call this just another review is like calling One Piece just another Manga. I’m doing an analysis and it won’t end here… I’ve got another one to write about the whole arc so far! I won’t waste your time and just go into it…




I don’t even know what to say…

Let me just sit in silence for a moment and try to absorb the EPICNESS that Oda has just put in front of us. Let me just try and understand how… How such an epic plot can be made that much more epic… I mean this is just unbelievable. THIS IS INSANITY!

ODA-SENSEI! What have you…? How did you…? WHOA!

I need another moment.

Let me read this again…

And again…

And again!

How could this be? I mean WHOA! HOLY SHIT! WHOA! My mind can’t comprehend this shit… This is just beyond anything I could have expected to happen. This is just too much! I’m going to need rehab to recover from this chapter. I mean, this just doesn’t happen. This level of craziness just doesn’t take place. This is bat-shit crazy!



Eiichiro Oda! He has just set-up the potential of the most epic plot One Piece has come across so far.

I’ll go through what happened in this chapter first and then we I’ll do an overall review of the Dressrosa Arc. It just has to be done!


As usual, I’ll start with the cover page but it’s not even significant in proportion to the epicness of this chapter. X Drake is shown looking badass as usual in front of a frightened, captive Caribou. Almost feel sorry for him even though he’s a bad-guy per say. Might not be as bad as we first thought of perhaps he’s turning good all of a sudden. He’s standing over the grandma trying to protect her.

A change of heart?


We start off at the tense ending of the previous chapter with Traflagar Law, lying almost lifeless at the feet of Doflamingo. We aren’t sure if he’s alive or dead yet. (Oh my poor Traffy, it pains me so much to see in this state.)

Usopp and Sanji are shouting over the three-way den-den mushi call trying to figure out what the hell is going on after hearing the gunshots.

I can totally understand their concern because things go quiet all of a sudden. Can you imagine Luffy and Zoro’s reaction to all this?

DAMN! That’s what I would be thinking…

Doflamingo announces all the mess that Dressrosa has experienced recently is all because of Warlord Law and claims that he was trying to dethrone him and sully his reputation.

And the crowd go WILD!!!

Baka! They’re all idiots… How can they not realise this man is such a dick! But then again, he can be very charming so they’re all pretty much blind to his wrong-doings; similar to Crocodile in Arabasta. Why do these Shichibukai want their own countries? I guess the idea of being a King appeals to them. After all, these countries did belong to (apart from Arabasta which could have been) the Celestial Dragon families.

Luffy has a go at ‘Mingo’ but is quickly reprimanded by the former Celestial Dragon. He claims that being Law’s superior, he has every right to punish him. He’s talking about how Law was working under Doffy thus making him his employee. I guess he has a point. He needs to make an example out of Law for his betrayal. He wouldn’t be a scary boss guy if he didn’t. That much is expected. The way he speaks to Luffy clearly shows how (not so) highly he thinks of him.

Under the instruction of Zoro, Kinemon attempt to retrieve the Tra-Guy and get him to safety whilst he plans to take on Doflamingo himself. How Zoro-Like of him! He even calls Doflamingo a bastard!

The bastard recognises both of them and realises ‘that little runt’ aka Momonosuke is on the ship. Not quite sure why he wants that creepy-as-hell sees Nami cute little kid.

So Zoro thinks he can take on a Warlord by all himself now. Zoro is still the same old Zoro who challenged Mihawk the first time he saw him. Sanji didn’t do so well, let’s see the difference in their strength.

Unfortunately, we don’t get too see that battle. Although the Vice-Admiral with the horned mask is standing around, waiting to give his troops the signal, Zoro is already in his zone and ready to strike Doffy. However, Fujitora shows up at the last moment and blocks Zoro’s strike. For a blind man, this guy has some reflexes and can see very well, even without eyes. Take note Brook, your ‘I can see, even though I have no eyes’ jokes won’t work anymore because this bad-ass blind old-man can do the same!

The tension of that moment is just too awesome! I almost felt that time stood still as their swords struck against one another. Zoro has a flashback, remembering the old-man gambling who mentioned that he shouldn’t mention who he is. Now Zoro understands why… This guy is an admiral! And just so you know, he doesn’t just assume this, there’s a huge roar from the marine saying “ADMIRAL ISSHOU-SAN!!!”

Mind you, this doesn’t take place until we experience one of those spine-tingling, heart-in-mouth moments. ZORO FALLS INTO A BLACK-HOLE PIT!!! I mean the ground literally opens up and he falls inside it. Like the ground itself swallowed our beloved Zoro. Not both Law and Zoro… My two most favourite characters in One Piece!

Oh and whilst this happened, Kinemon got a sweet kick to the face and is sent flying by the infamous, Doflamingo. Zoro and Kinemon both seem hurt by the attacks the both faced but that was expected having to go up against a Shichibukai and Admiral at the same time. It’s a surprise when they both manage to still stand. Well it was expected of Zoro. He is that Awesome! But he doesn’t just jump out of the hole… He sends an attack that reaches Fujitora!

ZORO!!! YOU CRAZY-ASS GUY!!! You just attacked an Admiral!!! A FRICKIN’ ADMIRAL!!! This is why I love this guy!

Luffy wants to reach out and help but unfortunately, he’s got seastone bars blocking his way. Otherwise this would be one awesome battle right now!

Fujitora and Doflamingo, using their own Devil Fruit Powers respectively, begin to ascend to the skies; Doflamingo on his strings and Fujitora on a flying rock. They mention discussing their alliance at the palace further with Doflamingo claiming he will let Fujitora have the Straw-Hats on a plate for his support.

The Usopp and Sanji parties learn that Zoro is taking on an Admiral and are in utter shock. I mean to learn a marine Admiral is supporting Doflamingo just makes this that much more difficult. Normally when they’re up against a bad-guy… They do get some aid from marines such as in the case of Crocodile and Caeser Clown. Here they are actually an enemy along with the actual enemy… Could this get any worse?

Of course it can… All the marines that had previously situated outside the coliseum, under the command of Vice-Admiral Bastion, are now ordered to take out Kinemon and Zoro, both of whom make a dash, letting Luffy know that they’ll distract them so that Luffy can get outside.

Can’t get much worse this now can it? It’s not possible right? The situation is so tense. Law’s about to die and is a prisoner to Doflamingo. An ADMIRAL! A FRICKIN’ ADMIRAL IS UP AGAINST THEM! There’s a whole squad of marine’s after them. The whole Doflamingo army wants to take them down, waiting for them at the factory… Can it possibly get any worse?



Guess who decides to show up out of the blue…

THATS RIGHT!!! None other than the BIG MOM PIRATES!!!

You’re not mistaken. THIS IS COMPLETELY 100% TRUE!

A YONKOU PIRATE CREW HAS ARRIVED! It’s not certain that BIG MOM, Charlotte Linlin herself is on the ship but the two-guys they met on Fish-man Island, “Turtle-Lion” (Not Avatar) Pekoms and “Dr Eggman” Tamago, are on the ship.

The BIG MOM PIRATES have arrived at Dressrosa and they’ve parked up right beside the Thousand Sunny.

Oh Lord! Why now? Why at a time like this?

ODA-SAN! You are just crazy… I don’t know you’re going to sort this mess out or what complications you have in mind but you seriously shocked everybody with such a bold move. It’s made a statement. ONE PIECE IS AWESOME!

Pekoms and Tamago confirm with Big Mom, probably through a den-den mushi that we can’t see, that the Straw-Hats have Caesar Clown and that they will sink the Thousand Sunny to retrieve him.

So it seems they too want Caesar Clown for some reason. This guy is popular. Sanji even mentions, “I guess Dickhead Scientists are in the rage right now…” Curly Brow cracks me up sometimes.

Although it seems Big Mom is only interested in attaining candy, I also think she wants to be more powerful and Caesar Clown is the reason behind Kaidou’s strength as a Yonkou considering smile produces the synthetic Devil Fruits that help build is powerful army. Taking the scientist for herself can give her access to this power or at least take it out of Kaidou’s hands. I’m pretty sure there is more behind it than just owed money… But then again, we don’t really know how crazy Charlotte Linlin actually is. She looks crazy! So there is definitely a big chance there.

Usopp is trying to blame Luffy for this after declaring war against Big Mom on Fish-man Island but somebody is quick to point out that they’re after the scientist.

It seems the idiot Caeser clown swindled some money out of Big Mom and if they catch him, they kill him. Sanji seems all up for giving him over until Nami mentions the thing about the ‘Three Cards’ and what this chapter is based on.

It seems their war with Doflamingo is over three specific things. The Smile Factory and Caesar Clown for obvious reasons as well Momonosuke for a not so obvious reason. I expect it’s something to do with the Dragon Devil Fruit that he’s got.

Anyway, she believes Trafalgar Law knew that they had ‘TWO’ out of the ‘THREE Cards’ which gives them the upper hand and why he risked his life by showing up and rescuing the ship. So they can’t let his efforts go to waste. They’re going to head off to the next island which is Zou and wait for the rest of them to get done with their business.

Nami-Swaan! SHE’S SO SMARRT!

Seriously, a great piece of analysis by Nami… I’m surprised it wasn’t Robin.

There also seems like a cannon-fire ship war is going to take between the Big Mom Ship (which I forgot to mention can sing) and the Thousand Sunny after Sanji got Luffy’s permission to do.

This is going to be AWESOME! This hasn’t really happened in One Piece before for the Straw-Hats. Not on such a scale.

In comparison, the Straw-Hat Ship is incredibly small but let’s see what Franky’s mechanics can do. I guess BIG MOM needs a BIG SHIP to carry her BIG BODY!

So Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Brook (along with Momonosuke) are going to take on the Big Mom Pirates.

Franky, Robin and Usoland are with the Dwarves/Fairies and Toy-Soldier on Green-Bit and are ready to start a rebellion and war.

Kinemon, Luffy and Zoro are on Dressrosa and are currently being chased by the marines.

The plan is lure the Big Mom Pirates away from Dressrosa so that the rest can destroy the factory, rescue Tra-Guy and Kick Mingo’s ass at the Palace.