So we start this episode with another gaff by the Doctor… They didn’t go back to 12 hours since the time they left London but actually it had been 12 billion years 12 months!

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Seriously, you take a girl out on a date and bring her back home after 12 months… Bad Doctor!!!

I think the Tardis is actually not that amazing of a machine considering the gaffs it makes, if we’re not blaming the Doctor here but either way, it’s between the two of them. Okay, I take that back, the Tardis is actually an amazing piece of machinery (If that’s what we’re calling it). Just for the space it can provide alone. It’s like a time-machine mansion all compact inside a police telephone box.

I bet we find out at some point why it’s disguised as a telephone box.

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I liked the mom’s reaction into seeing her after so long… I was like, why she getting soooo… And then I realised. Her daughter had been missing for 12 months.

And then she goes ballistic. I don’t blame her to be honest but this line…

“…Find her on the internet, pretending to be a Doctor?”

“But I am a Doctor…”

“Prove it then… Stitch this!”

*Slap across the face*

That was hilarious! You go woman! Although I wouldn’t have been so kind if she were my daughter…. Then again, I am an Asian guy and we tend to get more violent when it comes to the women in our family.

So 900 years and he’s never been slapped by a girl’s mother…? I find that hard to believe considering how weird he is. Wait a second… 900 YEARS! Rose’s mom was only like 855 years off… Not bad eh?

Nice little convo going on between Rose and the Doctor about how she’s the only one in the world to know that aliens truly exist and nek minnit… a HUGE UFO flies over them. That’s right a UFO. What a co-incidence…  And you wouldn’t guess what it crashes into… Well it was kinda obvious what it would be…

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That’s right! Our lovely old Big Ben!

And the Doctor can’t stop grinning! “THIS IS FANTASTIC!” He says…

Does this guy crack you up or what? He’s awesome!

They decide it’s too dangerous to take the Tardis to get closer to it and the armed forces won’t let them near it… So they do the next best thing…Watch it on the telly…

Can we get anymore British? XD

BLUE PETER! Haven’t seen that in ages…

So apparently an alien body has been found…

WOW! What else did you expect? A human?

Something happened to the prime minister? I wonder if the alien space-ship landing has anything behind this.

MI-5 claim his car disappeared… Fantastic!

Why is the acting Prime Minister (with the farting flatulence problem) laughing with Dudley and his wife?


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And he crashes into a wall! How was he to know that the Tardis would disappear… The poor lad.

The acting prime minister is called Mr. Green… Is he meant to be Gordon ‘Bloody’ Brown? He’s up to something and some lady with plans for cottage hospitals has uncovered. This just gets better and better.

And the Doctor is a liar… He did go to investigate using the Tardis to ‘disappear’… Although he promised Rose he wouldn’t.

Seriously… Why is there no security around the alien body? At least we have the Doctor leading the line as a commander of the armed forces. This is pretty cool.

I wonder what it looks like…

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At least it’s not the real alien… Just a fake…

But the “Dudley’s” and “Bloody Gordon” are ALIENS… (That’s what I’m calling them from now). They got blue light coming out from their heads.

And Mickey is having a right go at Rose about the Doctor having dumped her. I told you I like this guy! And the Doctor called him Ricky… Love the banter.

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Damn it! The mother has to go and ruin things by calling the emergency alien helpline number. And now the authorities are on red alert.

Seems like the Tardis and the Doctor are both Taboo topics…

Mickey isn’t just the idiot he looks like. He’s managed to do a whole lot of research on the Doctor in the past 12 months.

But he’s still the coward… Ran for his life when the cops arrived… Perhaps he’s still traumatized by his five visits to the police station for questioning.

The Doctor has been called up for questioning. And one of the farting aliens has found his way to Rose’s house. That’s not very good but it’s her own fault for ringing the authorities… They can never be trusted… you hear me? NEVER!

The Doctor and Rose are escorted by the police to 10 Downing Street… How exciting. Well Rose is well excited and the Doctor is chuffed that they need his help. The Doctor goes in for the meeting and Rose has to deal with the cottage hospital lady and she tells her about the aliens.

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And they discover the prime ministers body!!!

The Doctor does figure out the plan to gather all the experts of alienology in one room but is it already too late? Simultaneously these hideous looking aliens reveal themselves from the jacket human bodies. They use the ID Cards to use some device connected with them to electrocute them.

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Alien technology I presume! Light-years ahead of us lot… But I bet they don’t have blogs.

So the episode ends right there on a cliff hanger with the Doctor, Rose and even Rose’s mom in trouble with the aliens. Not even sure what they’re called yet.


Not a half-bad episode. Best one so far in fact. It might just be watchable this Dr Who although I’m not yet carried away… I’m still forcing myself to watch it to be honest but non-the-less I’ll say it was a good enough episode, despite the farting aliens.