An unknown voice shouts out to Zoro which he obliviously ignores and continues to snore…



relectant zoro

He reluctantly opens his eyes…


Zoro cuts the voice off


As Zoro’s eyes start to adjust and come to senses, he immediately jumps on his guard. He starts to look around, hes quick to notice, he’s not where he last remembers to be…


“Huh where the hell am I? How did I get here?!”

“Calm down Zoro… right now you’re in a transitional state between the real world and the Realm of D.”

“Realm of D? I don’t know what you’re talking about but you better show me the way out or….”

The mysterious voice interrupts Zoro

“What is the last thing you remember?”

Zoro stops to think, he can’t recall anything his mind is absolutely blank…

“Huh! I cant remember anything, where was I or what I was doing…”



Zoro grits his teeth out of frustration

TCH just what the hell is going on here…

I don’t have time to be wasting here I need to get back to Luffy and the others, they need me

AREH! Why did I just say that…. thought Zoro, why do I need to get back…

KUSSS-OH! I can’t remember a thing! They need me?!”

“That’s right Zoro you need to go back to your Nakama but why…Think ZORO, REMEMBER

373Zoro has a sudden flash back, its not clear but, he remembers  the ship suddenly being  attacked by an over sized gorilla, it wasn’t an ordinary gorilla.  It had devil fruit powers.  The gorilla had fire breath along with immense strength.  It took Luffy out with a single blow in the blink of an eye.  It was truly formidable it appeared out of nowhere and just started to go on a rampage, Sanji didnt stand a chance either.    

Memories are still blurry but its clear to Zoro he has to go back!

“There’s a reason why you are here and not on the battlefield along side your nakama.  It’s no accident you are here Zoro, this is the realm of D, the realm of swords, every sword that has ever been crafted come here, this is where the soul of all swords resides. I’ve been waiting  for a very long time for you to appear.  So you can awaken your true potential.”

WHAT!? Just who the hell are you!?”

The mysterious voice laughs

“Can’t you tell Zoro…? I’ve been right by your side from the beginning, from the day you swore to become the greatest swordsman in the world!”

Zoro 1 Zoro unsheath his Katana.

“It’s you, you’re the one talking…”

“That’s right Zoro it’s me, now SAY MY NAME! Say my name and AWAKEN your latent powers so you can perform the BANKAI!”

Shouted the Katana!

BANKAI? What the hell are you talking about I don’t know your name!”

FOCUS ZORO! YOU ARE IN THE REALM OF SWORDS, everything you need to know is right in this realm, just focus and my name will come to you, we don’t have much time” stressed his katana!”

Tch! I don’t have any idea what’s going on but I agree we need to get out of here”

Zoro closes his eyes and hold his katana with both hands

“You swore to make luffy the pirate king, you swore to protect your Nakama…and you swore to become the world’s greatest swordsman, listen to me Zoro, it was no coincident you picked me up in Loguetown, I chose to follow you, I know your strength I know it all. But it’s not enough Zoro, you can grow further! You can use me to my maximum ability otherwise you will never defeat Mihawk

zoro eyes close up


Zoro’s eyes reacted to the mention of Mihawk, a sudden aura appeared around Zoro.

during bankai



Zoro completes the bankai and his Katana has SHOWN its true form!!

   “WHAAAAAAT my Katana is SOGEKING!”


“Eh my name isn’t Sogeking, its long nose…”

   There’s a short pause…..

zoro dispairs alone

“I wish to die…..”

To be Continued….