Why hadn’t I realised this before? This is totally magic/witchy stuff… Guess they had to use something considering they don’t have Skype or den-den mushi’s.

From the four teams that had set out to rescue the former council members, it seems like only Natsu’s team has succeeded.


Juvia (the adorable one) and Grey (the cool one) were too late. Something seems to have left large cuts across the whole town in the shape of X’s…

Kana, Levi and Gajeel (Team GaLe*) have also failed having arrived a moment too late. Not sure how they know they were just a moment late or longer…

* This is the term often associated with one of the four Fairy Tail couples. The others are NaLu, Gruvia and Jerza. Fairy Tail fans, I’m sure you can figure it out.

Lisanna and Elfman arrive at their destination and find the council member dead without ‘a single scratch’ and no sign of struggle either.

He suddenly gets up and breaks the crystal ball (aka Transmission Lachryma) and then falls back dead again. This is the work of the pretty horned demon that is part of the Tartarus Demons Guild. She goes on about how human stories are boring and that she’s going to write her own-…


Let’s skip to the good part. Elf-man grabs Lisanna by the throat.


Just realised how much weak this team is compared to the others. I think they were chosen to be the ones to lose. My poor little Lisanna… She’s like a little baby! Like everybody’s younger sister… Not just Elfman and Mirajane’s.

The pretty horny demon (Haha, yeah I did that…xD) seems to have the gift to control people. Much like our favourite evil prince of Dressrosa, Donquixote Doflamingo! (Yeah, everything has to come back to One Piece somehow)

She is using her ‘curse’ to control Elfman and is forcing him to choke out his own baby sister. How EVIL!!!

Lucy suddenly connects to those at Fairy Tail HQ. They consult with the council member that Natsu saved. (Yeah, that jerk from the previous chapters who was urging Lucy to save him over the pregnant woman)

He seems to know something but is completely scared witless about the situation. Makarov eventually forces him to spill the beans; lifting the lid off the secret.

He mentions ‘White Legacy…’ and ‘…Face’. Apparently the council has many weapons of mass destruction they keep in order to keep control and order… An example being the Etherion that they used 7 years ago upon Fairy Tail in the initial Jellal/Gerard introduction arc. Kinda reminds of the Buster Call. (Yeah… another One Piece comparison)

Face is some sort of bomb that will wipe out Magic across the whole continent of Fiore. However, the Demons use Curses which means they can rule the world with mages being helpless.


Are you frickin’ serious? You kidding me right? The council has managed to create a weapon that can destroy magic completely? Oh boy… Now you’ve done it you stupid sons-of-clowns!

Natsu, as expected, wants to go destroy it before Tartarus can use it but it seems three former council members have done some sort of sealing ritual called the ‘Organic Link Magic’. Only the former chairman knows his location.

They now have to save and protect the remaining former council members. Other guilds are helping out as well but the Queens of Fairy Tail are already on the job…


And they’re riding on…

… CHOPPER? We’ll it looks like a reindeer so don’t judge me… Could have been Tony Tony Chopper! No?

Overall a good chapter with a better understanding of what Tartarus are up to… Plus a good set-up for the Mirajane and Erza team! That combo team is so awesome!