So this episode starts off with the Doctor taking on the aliens who had him caught in their electric trap device. He manages to remove it and attaches it onto the aliens. Although he manages to find the police guards outside (in a very jolly manner which made me smile) the aliens did a quick wardrobe change back into their human bodies in timing that could give quick change artists a run for their money… Especially if you consider the size factor and the tight fitting; it’s incredible how they fit them in. Although we do later learn that it’s all thanks to the freaky collar thing that allows them to compact themselves… hence the farting. “It’s Science Bitch!”

So the fake acting prime minister told the police guards that it was the Doctor who killed all the people in the room and to kill him. Didn’t the police officers think for a second, isn’t this the guy who called us into the room to take out the aliens… Doesn’t make much sense does it… But obviously the police can only follow blind instructions without using their own brains. Especially the ones with the duty to protect 10 Downing Street from alien invasion.

So there’s a lot of chasing and what not… The lady who discovered the aliens and Rose are running around on the top level being chased by the fat lady alien whilst the Doctor is running around the bottom running from the police.

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Rose’s mom is too frightened to move but MICKEY THE HERO comes to her rescue and takes her back to his place. He even offers her coffee and does the ‘there there’ routine much like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. (Offer Hot Beverage and Sympathise)

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The Doctor manages to evade the police simply by running into a lift after giving a small lesson on how not to corner an enemy in front of a lift.

He escapes to the top which is for some bizarre reason quarantined to all but the aliens. Obviously the police don’t know they’re aliens but even they’re baffled by it all. Still, they dare not question.

The Doctor finds Rose and the Lady and they rush into a room. The Doctor mutters something about History as they’re trapped in the room with the aliens blocking their way. He then hits a button and next thing you know, the room becomes a safe room fortified by steel all around.

They realise that the aliens are all a family and are planning to cause a nuclear war amongst the nations of the world so that it can be destroyed. They would then take claim to the Earth and sell it off to bidders that would arrive from different planets in the form of resources.

Despicable Aliens! It’s Alien’s like these that give the rest a bad name…

The only way to win is to lose. By this I mean, they must try and destroy the aliens by launching a nuclear attack at 10 Downing Street before the fake acting Prime Minister can convince the United Nations that the world is facing extinction from aliens and the mother-ship is right above London. And you know what, the United Nations believe them…

Stupid Silly Idiots! Bloomin’ Idiots! I mean seriously… with all the technology in the world, they couldn’t simply gaze up into space and realise there is no such thing. Obviously, you got to be able to aim at something before you launch nuclear weapons.

The Doctor mentions his plan to Rose’s Mom and Mickey aka ‘Ricky the Idiot’.

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This is all after they defeat the one alien who chased them down and was defeated by vinegar.

They figured out the race of the aliens and that their bodies are made of calcium and they can be defeated by acetic acid… It’s Science Bitch!

Rose agrees as does the lady who happens to be an MP undercover. Fantastic!

Rose’s Mom is not happy with it but doesn’t do much about it. It’s all up to Mickey now to hack the UN Computers and send a missile to blow up 10 Downing Street.

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Under the instructions of the Doctor, the ‘idiot’ manages to pull it off.

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The trio somehow survive whilst the aliens are blown to bits… Also, their cover was blown just moments before.

Also, the woman who was with them sounded familiar to the Doctor and that was because she became the future prime minister of England. Fantastic!

Rose’s mother invites the Doctor over for dinner but Rose and the Doctor both dash. He offers Mickey a place on the Tardis but he refuses and tells him not to tell Rose. In front of Rose the Doctor claims Mickey isn’t fit to travel with them.

The End

Overall a nice episode and a good ending to the double episode despite the gaff… I liked the science winning bits and the banter between Mickey and the Doctor.


(Note of Apology:

I’d like to apologize for my slow upturn of reviews… I’m taking too long to do this… Should have finished Season One by now… Which is why I have decided that I’m going to stop with the blind reviews…

What this means is that I will no longer write the reviews as I watch the episode. This will decrease the quality of my reviews and the length as it will only capture my overall view on the episode rather than each specific point but it’s the only way to get these reviews done on a daily basis. I apologize once again to those who enjoyed my previous reviews. If I get the time, I might switch back to the blind reviewing but for the moment, this is how it’s going to be done. I hope you still enjoy them.)