I could cry right now… I’m holding the tears back but the pure emotion I’m feeling right now… It’s worth a thousand tears.

One Piece! Oda! Words… I’m lost for words… I just… My head is spinning. I’m not even lying to you guys. This reaction isn’t even over the top. This is real. My head is literally spinning after reading this chapter.


This chapter just blew me away. Remember how I reacted with last week’s chapter… When I was so pumped up I could have jumped of a building. This time it’s totally different. This time, I feel like sitting in a room alone and crying my heart out.

Without spoiling anything… I’ll start from the beginning of this episode. I had no intention of doing this review right now… I would have waited at least a day or so… But there is no reason to not write this with all the emotion I’m feeling right now. This is the best time.


Cover Story

Grandmother is at Gaburu’s grave and she mentions that Caribou is just as lovely as her grandson


The Chapter

One Piece 731 - Page 15

Bellamy is shown fallen against a wall beaten bloody. A blood-dripping high-heeled show is shown, and for a moment you think it’s a girl. My thought was Violet for some reason. I was wrong… It was our cross-dressing friend Dellinger.

His path however is blocked. In a Gandalf ‘You shall not pass’ style determination but more calm and composed, Bartolomeo stands before him! I FUCKIN’ LOVE THIS GUY!

Dellinger is hell-bent on ‘finishing’ Bellamy off. I mean considering most of us thought he was already dead, it would feel kind of cheap to have die; him having just returned. Dellinger orders Bartolomeo to move out of his way but the barrier doesn’t fall.

It isn’t until Diamante calls Dellinger ridiculing him for not having taken ‘The Trash Bellamy’ out yet. He tells him to leave it be and join Lao G at the factory. Dellinger is pretty pissed off about it and tells both Bellamy and Bartolomeo to not even think about leaving the island alive. Bartolomeo brushes his threat off with a laugh. Did I mention I love this guy? BECAUSE I FUCKIN’ DO!


Bellamy is distraught and gets a flashback of how Doflamingo offered him a seat on the family if he wins the tournament.

Bartolomeo offers to get him medical attention but Bellamy no longer wants to live. Bellamy questions his motive but Bartolomeo simply answers that they are comrades for having fought together and that even if he were scum, he wouldn’t let a friend die without helping. THIS GUY IS SUPER AWESOME!


Robin, Usopp and Franky are going through the plan which is being led by the Toy Soldier who is the son of King Riku. The Dressrosa Operation is simple. They must enter the underground tunnels to find a lady in a childs body with the ‘Hobby’ Devil Fruit. This lady is a special agent in the Trebol Army and is known as ‘Sugar’ and she is the one that controls the toys. Anybody she touches becomes a toy and as a side-effect of the fruit, she remains a child.

A very interesting Devil Fruit ability!

Should she be left unconscious, it would reverse her devil fruit ability allowing the gladiators to return to themselves and the civilians to remember once again. However, Trebol himself guards ‘Sugar’.


Inside the Coliseum Luffy can’t seem to find a way out. He bumps into Barty and Bells… Barty begins fan-boying so hard; the injured Bellamy has to keep him up. I mean foaming out of the mouth level hard!

He even encourages himself to hang in there so he can speak to ‘the pirate king’. He can’t even look into Luffy’s eyes when he speaks to him. Bellamy tells them there is no exit to the coliseum but he will be leaving and if Luffy follows, perhaps he can leave as well… He’s hinting at helping Luffy without making it obvious. It seems he still thinks of Doflamingo highly and can’t betray him.

He snaps at Barty who questions him claiming its his own principles. Luffy agrees to follow and Bartolomeo quickly objects asking Luffy about the Mera Mera no Mi. Luffy claims although he would hate it if Jesus Burgess gets Ace’s fruit, right now he has more important issues like saving his friends.

Here, as I expected, Bartolomeo puts himself forward to do it on Luffy’s behalf as he planned to give the fruit to Luffy anyway. He’s really fired up about it. It’s like his life suddenly has purpose. This guy is such a fan-boy! Totally like us guys!


Suddenly a voice sounds and a mysterious figure appears… “The Mera Mera no Mi cannot be given to you ‘Straw-Hat’ Luffy…”

 This was quite surprising. I couldn’t understand who this could be. Was it Jesus Burgess? Or perhaps even Blackbeard? Who else wants the fruit… Would it be Doflamingo or one of his henchmen? It looked like the body of a man.

Bartolomeo takes a stand for Luffy claiming he can’t talk to ‘Senpai’ like that and that Luffy is ‘Fire-Fist Ace’s brother… “And he will become the FUTURE PIRATE KING, you IDIOT!”

I was like… You go Barty! Tell him who’s bo-…


And then I stopped. My heart sank… skipped a beat and then stopped.


The man pushes Bartolomeo away as if he were swatting a fly… and replies with the words, ‘I already know…’ We see a glimpse of his body…

A belt buckle, long coat and the thing around his neck… I had seen many picture already of what he may look like now if he were still alive… I already knew it in my heart who it was at this point and I just couldn’t believe it.




I can’t even breath properly… It’s Sabo! He’s not dead!

Fuck you all of you who said that Sabo was dead! Fuck you Green Data Book! Fuck you the Internet! BECAUSE SABO IS ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean I always knew… but here and now… I wasn’t expecting it… I just didn’t see it coming!


We can’t see his face but we know it’s him!


It’s him Godammit! ITS HIM!!!



This is where I recognised him from…. The drawing by Oda!

Bartolomeo is fuming at this reunion but Luffy… Luffy looks like he’s seen a ghost… And then he cries… Tears falls down his bearded face!

One Piece 731 - Page 16

Those tears touched my heart as well. LUFFY!!! SABOOO!!!!!!

We switch to outside the coliseum where Luffy can’t stop crying and poor Zoro doesn’t understand. All three of them, including Kinemon are dressed in toy costumes as to not let anybody suspect them. Luffy is more determined than ever to defeat Dofflamingo and save Law. He doesn’t have to worry about Ace’s fruit anymore.


A girl is sitting on top of a small mountain of large men. She talks about Robin and how much she missed her…

A Nico Robin friend? Somebody from her past or a Revolutionary… Considering that might-have probably most-definitely is SABO! This girl must be a revolutionary right?

That is correct… Her name is Koala and she’s a Fishman Karate Subsitute Teacher for the Revolutionary Army…


Wait a second…. Just… Hang… On… One… Moment…

 Koala? Fishman?


The little girl from the TIGER FISHER FLASHBACK!!!!


 It is… Those big eyes! She’s Koala!!! OMD!!!

She’s talking to Sabo about him finding Luffy…

Sabo claims he thought Luffy would punch him… She asks if he cried… And he shook it off with a badass, “I wouldn’t possibly cry”

She comforts him with support like it wouldn’t have changed anything even if he was there and there’s no answer to such things… Sabo is still probably questioning why he wasn’t there to save Ace… Why he hadn’t seen him in all those years… Perhaps he should have but how was he to know Ace would…

*Eyes swell with Tears*

 We switch to Lucy… Wait… It can’t be Luffy because he was… SABO IS GOING TO BECOME LUCY!?! AWESOME!!! They know about the underground situation and he tells Koala to keep him updated whilst he goes and gets “Ace’s Fire Fruit Back!”

So now it all makes sense why Oda used the disguise… It wasn’t just for Luffy to remain a secret but to be able to do this! Just how strong is Sabo… Will he win? HELL YEAH! He’s Ace and Luffy’s Blood Brother!!!


We switch to the graves of Ace and Whitebeard… And Sabo mentions the words… The beautiful words…

 “That persons’s will… We must inherit it!!!”

One Piece 731 - Page 19

 Zoro still doesn’t undertand why Luffy is crying… But Luffy is in shock… He always had thought Sabo had died… Awww Luffy!!!

I mentioned last week’s chapter was the greatest in One Piece so far this year… This might be the greatest chapter of all time… ALL TIME! The PURE EMOTION I felt… THIS WAS TOO AWESOME! Could totally pull a Kanye on last weeks chapter right now.