So yesterday I decided to become a part of the amazing ’12 days of Anime Christmas’ project… Well, it’s more of an individual thing shared by many others but I guess you can call it a project.

Well, this is my first day and I have to say it hasn’t been easy. I’ve managed to schedule myself to avoid getting bored without resorting to anime. I’ve got plenty of catch-up to do and thing I wanted to re-watch this weekend but so far I’ve managed. Even organised a trip to the gym for the evening just so I can avoid being at home and not being allowed to watch anime. This is could be a great form of torture for Otaku’s like me.

I think tomorrow will be the real challenge if there’s a new episode for One Piece out. That will be a killer.

I wonder how everybody else is doing.

Well, I promised I would recall a memorable moment in anime from the past year and the first thing that came to mind is the ending to the first episode of Attack on Titan.

Now this anime was creating quite the buzz and after hearing a lot about it, I decided to check it out. It had only been a couple of episodes before I joined the bandwagon but I knew immediately why there was such hype about this anime.

It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Not your usual pretty beautiful but beautiful in the sense of visual poetry and artful animation. The episode itself was filled with hard emotion. It was set out beautifully.

It started with a slow build up and an introduction to the three main characters. A few hints here and there but nothing much and then suddenly this huge face appears from over the wall and you could sense the tension and fear around you. It felt as if you were a part of the struggle to survive. That fear as they tried to escape. Especially Armin when he doesn’t feel like he can help anybody around him.

And when Hannes attempts to rescue the kids and their mother… And he freezes in his tracks despite being so confident about doing so. When that fear hits, you know there is nothing you can do. That fear is what real fear is. When you freeze in your tracks and are helpless before it.

But the moment that I remember most… is the blood. The blood that rains so peacefully through the air in slow motion as Eren and Mikasa are carried away by Hannes. That pure emotion of sadness, helplessness, rage, fear and shock etched across Eren’s face I can never forget as his mother is taken in the grasp of the evil grinning cannibal giant and then chomped down in front of him.

(Note: This scene was not watched but merely found from YouTube and displayed for your benefit as so you too can visualise the scene in all its blood and glory)