So I just recently discovered something known as 12 days of Anime Christmas. I heard the name Anime Christmas and the concept of the the 12 days of Christmas and I was immediately intrigued by it.


So like with everything else, I decided to follow up on this with a bit of research. Credit to Code Provider and a few other Otaku YouTubers, I was able to discover what the 12 days of Anime Christmas are all about…

Well, I came across two different ways of participating in this event to tell you the truth.


Anime fasting? I bet you’re wondering how this works… Well, according to Code Provider, each participant must refrain from watching any anime whatsoever for the 12 days leading up to Christmas… You heard right… No anime whatsoever. It’s a bit like the Islamic month of Ramadan where Muslims all over the world refrain from eating from sunrise up until sunset for the whole month. This will be a bit different. Firstly, its less than half the time… And secondly its for the whole 12 days. No breaks between sunset and sunrise. It’s more like Lent you could say where you give a certain type of luxury for a certain period of time. 6 weeks I believe…

This is a very challenging event to take part in for an Otaku like myself and involves a lot of discipline.


This is a bit different. Less challenging and more enjoyable…

For each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas, you recall your own most memorable anime moments in 2013. These don’t actually have to be from anime that was released in 2013 (Although I could probably name them all from Attack on Titan). This can be anything that you’ve watched in 2013 that may or may not have released in the year 2013.

I have decided to take part in both of these events… That’s right… I will recall my most memorable Anime Moments from this past year whilst refraining from watching any anime whatsoever. Wish me luck guys and follow my progress everyday on my blog.

Take care, happy holidays … and let the 2013th festivities begin!

(Totally said that in the Hunger Games style)