Credit to Enjelicious for the Image

It’s the end of Day number TWO. I’m pretty tired and going to bed soon. Spend the day playing football and … What the hell did I do today… I didn’t watch any anime soooo… Yeah I wasted my day pretty much. I did make plans for a new novel with my friend so that wasn’t so bad but otherwise it was a shitty day despite my team winning 5 goals to 2.

I really wanted to watch the One Piece Episode today but I held it together long enough to not think about it. Read some One Piece manga that I had previously read just to kill the urge.


* * *


So now I have to recall a moment from an anime I watched this year that is very memorable…

Well I watched Sword Art Online this year… A year later than most people I know but still it does count. An awesome concept for an anime although the whole thing was very rushed. A lot of potential this one had but I won’t go into detail about that. Let’s talk about a memorable scene.

This one is more of a pleasant one. Kirito is lying on the grass and enjoying the sunshine and is approached by Asuna who’s wondering what the hell he is doing wasting his time lying around when he could be leveling up and stuff. They are all working hard to complete the game so they can go home to their real lives considering they’re stuck in this reality world. Kirito looks at her and smiles calmly and she gives him the ‘I think you’ve gone mad’ look.

Kirito points it out to her that it’s a really nice day despite it being in the virtual world and it can still be very much enjoyed like a day in the real world so why not make the most of it and take a break. Asuna is unsure at first but then decides to try it out and end up sleeping besides Kirito who remains awake to protect her. I think it was really cute and awesome at the same time. I like Kirito’s way of thinking. Make the most of what you’ve got even in a difficult time in life.