World Otaku Day! 15th of December! Did anybody know?




Wrong… Because hardly anybody even knows about it and hardly anybody celebrates it. Considering how many Otaku’s there are in the world… (Trust me there are millions) … There aren’t very many people who are aware that there is a whole day dedicated to us. 15th of December guys! 15TH!!! It’s not that difficult. Write it down in your calendars for next year.

The worst thing is it’s not even celebrated properly amongst the ones that do know…

The only way I’ve come across to celebrate it is by drawing a ^w^ on your wrist.

I mean I’m an Otaku and proud but this is just a bit immature and doesn’t really represent what being an Otaku is all about…

What can we do about it?

Nakama Sign

I mean it would be cooler to add an ‘X’ to the back of our wrists to represent us all being ‘Nakama’! (Don’t know what nakama means, you should go kill yourself I would suggest you look it up and find out for yourself.)


Organised Events

Other things we can do are have events or conventions all over the world in each major city in the world where there is a strong anime following and I believe there is probably a following in each of the major countries in the world.


You can dress up as your favourite character and post a picture online or actually go as one to the events mentioned above. Just for this one day… People may laugh and find it funny but if you’re Otaku and proud then there should be no problem in doing so.


I guess you could claim this was totally a rant but meh… I don’t really care.

Happy World Otaku Day… I hope next year there is more of a meaning to it…

The only thing I managed to accomplish was to get my sister to start reading the One Piece manga after she was sick of waiting on the anime to produce some real substance worthy of a week’s wait.

Hopefully next year will actually be awesome!



7 responses to “World Otaku Day! 15th of December! Did anybody know?

  1. i dont watch so much anime to be an otaku i think but i just love anime and everything about it and actually yesterday i saw the first coaplsyers irl at my nearby manga store 😀 got a picture of them and all and it was alot cooler to see cosplayers than i thought, now i wanna go to cons aswell xD always wanted to go to cons since they got soooooo much anime stuff but i would just spend all my money if i went and also i kinda have no one to go with (not that im a loner, just dont know any otakus that wanna go :D) also that picture of one piece the mark was a really awesome scene and i remember drawing that drawing like the first month after i started drawing like 4 years back, dont think i finished it though but it was my bigest project at that time xD and btw sorry for the long comment 😛 once i start writing i cant stop 😀


    • I wish there was some sort of anime event I could go to. I would love to spend all my money there… Well not all but at least some spare cash… That nakama scene is awesome… I was at the beach earlier this year and made my friends take part it in although most of them knew nothing about it.


  2. I realize I’m late to the party here, because it’s 2015 and this was posted two years ago but whatever.

    I saw this little thing floating around Pinterest about World Otaku Day and that ^w^ you’re supposed to draw on your wrist so I did it… because represent right? I actually went out today and, not surprisingly, I didn’t see anyone else with the ^w^ on their wrist but it didn’t bother me because I didn’t expect it. I was just happy to be a part of what I thought was something a lot of otakus were doing.

    It wasn’t until I actually started google searching for World Otaku Day that I discovered the amount of opposition and lash back. Some people declared it “stupid” and “immature” to draw on your wrist. I found the stamens pretty ironic sense that’s what a lot of people say about anime but, whatever, people are entitled to their opinion.

    All I can say is that as someone who’s only been “otaku” for about a year it was disappointing. I thought it was a big, fun, cool thing for a group of people that don’t get a lot of representation. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    I definitely wish Otaku Day were more. I love the idea of the X on the pack of the hand. It’s more suited my my type of anime/manga anyways. The ^w^ just reminds me of shoujo, which I don’t really partake of. I also wish it was in the spring/summer instead of winter. Not only because it competes with Christmas but also because spring/summer is prime con and cosplay time. We should seriously have a con for this. It should be bigger than it is. I want to see Google change their logo for World Otaku Day.

    Unfortunately, sense it’s been two years sense this was posted with no improvement to the quality of World Otaku Day, it’s doubtful that anything will change.

    Verdict: disappointed.


    • It probably won’t but there is no harm in trying. I would love for this to be a wordwide event, one which all otaku’s celebrate together. Perhaps if Otaku’s keep pushing it every year, it will grow bigger. I saw a far bigger response on Twitter this year in comparison to before so here’s to hoping, in a few years we might get there.

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  3. I just heard about this and so i think apparently its when u watch/read a lot of manga/anime… well i’ve been able to watch about 9 seasons of 1 anime show in 2 months. And out of the 3 years of my anime watching, i’ve watched about 20-30 full anime shows. But what I found funny, is that im in the middle of watching one piece and all of a sudden I see this :’) i just find this funny!!
    And the backgrounds, I love it when there im not the only anime lover.

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