Zoro Xmas

Luckily I was working for most of the day so I didn’t really think much about watching anime but I don’t have much work for the rest of the week so it’s going to start getting more tough now… Seriously… Do I have to wait all the way until Christmas before I can watch any anime…

For those of you who have caught this late… What I’m basically doing is refraining from watching anime until Christmas for the “12 Days of Anime Christmas”. I’m on day 3 at the moment and its going pretty okay. But having this restriction in place plays games on a persons mind. I could probably refrain from watching anime if I hadn’t placed these restrictions on myself… It’s all psychological.

* * *

Today’s memorable anime moment is…


This moment is just absolutely AMAZING!

I mean not just this but the whole build-up to it. Tashigi can’t keep up with Monet and is getting toyed with… And then suddenly she receives a cut across the face.

That shock on her face… That fear when she realises what Zoro is capable of… She thought he wouldn’t hurt her because she was a girl.

His aura!

His words… His presence… His smile…

The way he carried himself…

Roronoa Zoro is just … BRILLIANT!

This moment just shows what Roronoa Zoro is all about! In my opinion, he has that aura about him that is often seen in the strongest of characters in One Piece, like Shanks and Mihawk. I feel that from Zoro. Obviously Luffy shows it as well but only when he’s angry. Zoro does it in a way that is effortless… I can’t even imagine how strong this guy is now.

He cut her in half. A logia user… he can actually defeat a logia user without even breaking a sweat. It was mercy on his part that he let her live. Otherwise she was dead at that very moment. Absolutely amazing how he made he so afraid by simply using his presence.