Sorry this is soooo late… I know… I’ve just been busy and haven’t had the time to write this up… I might as well get it done otherwise there will be a huge back-log.

So two weeks late, here is the review for Workshop Battle: Thorn #5 from the Tower of God Manhwa…

Considering it’s been so long, I’ll try and fly through this quickly… Don’t mind guys… Just that I don’t have enough time. If I did, I would totally review the shit out of each panel!

Tower of God - vol 2 ch 89 | Batoto!Vol 2 – Chapter 89 – The Workshop Battle: The Thorn #5

Horyang and Novick are with Yuto (Team Rescue Baam) and are thinking of a way to get him out of there efficiently and effectively. It’s a difficult task considering the plan was in place to trap him and FUG is all over this.

I can’t believe after all this…  Baam is only there to be used as a weapon. What a lousy build-up for the famous ‘Slayer Candidate’ Jyu Viole Grace.

This story is really hard to predict because it keeps moving in directions you don’t expect. It hasn’t really been shocking since Rachel (Lahel/Rahel/The Bitch) betrayed Baam but I’m expecting more greatness from the author of ToG after that.

So yeah, Horyang and Novick don’t think they can face their previous team-mates unless they rescue him. Yuto, the masked one plans to distact their former team-mates so the other two can get the task done. Good thinking…

Beta is confused as he doesn’t understand whether Rak and Yinhwa are Baam’s friends or not so decides to leave them. Only later does Rak realise, Beta is the one that trapped Baam.

Wangnan and Quaetro encounter an enemy. Quaetro insists ‘Chirpy’ moves and tells him, he’s only doing it for his friendship with Wangnan and not for rescuing Baam or anything. From this Koon comments to Leesoo that choosing Wangnan as an opener was a great move as he has great leadership ability.

Beta is interrupted by Vespa all of a sudden and they face off in a contest of speed, despite Vespa claiming she also hates Baam. But she refuses to consider them allies and calls Beta her enemy. Vespa is no match for someone of Beta’s level and is about to lose out until Rak interrupts and puts an end to it

Beta doesn’t quite understand but Rak finally makes it clear that they are friends with Jyu Viole Grace (even adding that Yinhwa is his wife, xD).

Beta manages to put two andtwo together and realises they’re planning to summon Baam.

The pair with the mission to rescue Baam eventually reach a guarded door and decide to face against two FUG members… Should be an interesting battle although I expect them both to win considering how strong they are.

Tower of God - vol 2 ch 89 | Batoto!

Overall a pretty slow chapter with not much happening.

I’ll give it a 2/5.

Hopefully the next one will be much better…