After the craziness of the previous two chapters, I really didn’t know what to expect from this one… Can I expect Oda-San to remain on his crazy streak and continue to blow our minds or will he let our hearts rest for a week?

Well, he decided to take it easy whilst at the same time keeping us ever so glued to find out what’s going to happen next.

This chapter continued on with Operation SOP. I still don’t understand the whole thing with SOP. It sounds really lame. Like Standard Operating Procedures or something. I didn’t even really think much about it last week but thinking about it now… Yeah, that name sucks.

The dwarves, led by the Toy Soldier along with Usoland, Robinland and Fraland get set to begin their crazy plan to take back their home and release the hold of Doflamingo over the kingdom of Dressrosa.

I feel although their plan is awesome, they don’t have enough fire power to get it done. Unless they somehow manage to get to Sugar and defeat Trebol and her both. I mean they do have Franky and Robin who are both very strong and Usopp can still hold his own.

Unfortunately the tunnel is very small and even Usopp and Robin would struggle to go through the underground passage. Despite Usopp suggesting Franky dispatches all his limbs… Franky knows this task is impossible.

So he decides to go through the front door and cause a distraction. A risky move but I guess he has the capabilities of doing such a thing. His destructive force will allow him to do some serious damage very quickly. Although it will put him under a lot of pressure against the Doflamingo Family as a single target.

Franky stands before the entrance to the Toy-House and the members of the Doflamingo army, who comment on his speedo, hairdo and recognise him by his triple clefted chin…

Out of all the things to recognise him by, it’s the chin that stands out the most? Oda sure knows how to bring on the laughs.

It looks like they have a high ranked member on their side who likes eating tomatoes and ripping bras off girls to wipe his face. His name is Senor Pink of the Diamante Army.

This is totally going to be some kind of Perv-off as Franky actually calls the guy a pervert. LOL

They report that Cyborg Franky is attacking the Toy-House just before a Coup De Vent sends everybody flying and breaks the front entrance down to rubble and rock.

Pika, Diamante and Doflamingo are now aware of this with Diamante mentioning ‘It has begun’… Like they knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Doflamingo is actually complaining to Fujitora to do his job.

Sugar seems a little concerned but Trebol mentions that they might make it this far but they would strong enough to handle them and turn them into toys because they didn’t know about Sugar. Little does he know that they’re aware of the little girl?

Although Franky’s decision to go all out does go well with Toy Soldier’s plan, he still is worried about him to which the hyped up Usopp replies that Franky is a super cyborg claiming he can handle anything but then we find out that there are like 4 strong ass executives from the Diamante Army who have a 100% win record who are guarding the entrance.

So there are three head executives known as Pika, Trebol and Diamante and all of them have their own armies. In total there are 10 executives underneath them and they have an army of 2000. Seems interesting…


So it seems all three armies in charge of different roles and Diamante is in charge of the hand-to-hand combat. So they’re definitely going to be damn strong. We’ve come across a lot of these guys and we know they’re all pretty strong but I’m not quite sure how strong. Baby 5 and Buffalo weren’t all that powerful. Although they do have cool abilities.

The Senor Pink guy has some sort of swimming ability to swim on any surface. This could be dangerous for Franky… All Devil Fruits have the potential to be overpowered… Although they do all have weaknesses.

Usopp and the army arrive at the underground location where both the port and the factory are … although Usopp gets driven straight into a wall head first.

The port itself seems to be this crazy place where the toys do the labour work whilst negotiations and deals take place between pirates. Like a smuggling courtyard. From the look of things, there are a lot of ships with animal heads on them… Hippo, Giraffe, Duck… These could be Kaido’s guys from his artificial Devil Fruit Army.

That is it for this chapter… Would have loved to see more of the coliseum or what Luffy is doing now… Even something about Sanji would have been appreciated but I guess we have got to be patient and wait for it. Shit is about to go down… Just got to be patient about it….