On my previous post in the 12 days on anime series, I mentioned that I may be a day behind and that I need to write up two to catch up. Now I’m not so sure anymore…

I honestly don’t know…

You see, I started on the 14th… So if you include the 14th, twelve days would lead up and include Christmas day. Now if Christmas day is to be included… I’m on the right track. However, I was planning to end this on Christmas day but that would mean I can’t watch any anime till the day after although I was planning to use Christmas day to watch some anime as well.

So yeah, I’m very confused. I’m just going to end the countdown on Christmas Day I have decided… so you will get the final instalment of this series on the blessed day!


So the anime moment of the day goes to …


I know it’s not technically an anime but I like to class it as one and I did watch it this year so the stuff is fresh in my memory.

Although from the Legend of Korra, it is not a scene that involves Korra. In fact, its one that doesn’t involve any of the main characters at all but my favourite character from the series. The first ever Avatar… Avatar Wan!

This guy was pretty cool and he’s the reason why we have the Avatar in the first place.

The moment that I remember the most out of this series is when we are presented with Avatar Wan’s back story. It’s the scene that involves him fighting Vaatu when the Harmonic Convergence takes place in order to undo his wrongful doing in freeing Vaatu in the first place.

It just shows how much he has grown as a person since stealing from the Chou Family.