12 Days of Anime Christmas: Day Five


So yesterday it was day number 5 for my 12 days of anime and what do I realise when I wake up this morning… It’s day #7 for everybody else…

Where did day #6 go?

I mean like seriously? WTF?

After a little digging around and looking at my Christmas calendar did I realise… I must have started a day late.

Sucks for me but good news for you guys. I’m going to have to two of these things today to cover both #5 and #6… Might even be three considering I still have to do the one that counts for today…

Looks like I’ve got a long day ahead of me. December can be a very difficult month.

* * *

So day #5 most memorable moment goes to …

… Aoki’s first title-fight in Haijimme no Ippo!

Well more specifically this particular scene.

Using the most bizarre of moves in his weird move arsenal, Aoki first looks away from the opponent. This is perhaps the most craziest thing a man can do in a boxing match. I mean it literally leaves you defenceless but it’s a psychological thing to follow the eyes of the opponent. By doing so, his opponent did the same. He realised nothing was there, looks back and Aoki is missing…

… Only for him to rise off the floor with his devastatingly weird finisher, the FROG PUNCH!

There you have it guys! It’s FROGGERING TIME!


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