My reviewing style seems to be more of a summary where I summarize everything that’s happened in the episode or chapter that I have watched and then talk a little about in my point of view.

So it’s like a reaction and a summary based on my point of view.

However, recently I came across somebody who mentioned that reviewing is more on the lines of a reflection on the chapter. Talking about it rather than summarizing it. So apparently my titles can be a bit misleading.

Although according to Wikipedia, a simple plot summary can also be called a review. But then again, it is Wikipedia and I have learnt not to trust it completely. However, it is the first place I look for information. I think its become a bit of a habit to be honest.

So what is a difference between a summary and review?

Well a summary is telling something in your own words so restating what you may have seen or read in your own words. The main points and details are presented according to the writer and a neutral stance is usually maintained.

I clearly don’t remain neutral and I tend to add a lot of my opinion into the matter.

A review moves beyond a summary where the work is analysed. There is a lot reflection and judgement involved with interpretations being offered and an opinion put forth on the matter. There is an evaluation present, often backed with evidence.

This is obviously the better of the two and I want to improve my writing and make my reviews more individual and better.

The comment was very much appreciated as it allows me to reflect upon my own work and decide how I can improve.

Either I can change my titles and call these writings of mine summaries because they do tend to summarize a lot of what has occurred in the episode or chapter.

Or I can change my style to include more of an analysis or reflection, talking about the good points and the bad points and how it all fits into the overarching plot.

What I’m thinking is having a theme to my summaries where it also becomes a review because I quite like the way I do things and have gotten comfortable with it. Although change can always be good and for the better…


Decision, Decisions…

Tell you what… I’ve got an idea. What I’ll do is I’ll make my summaries more concise and add more viewpoints to them. Following on from that, I will review ‘The Good’, ‘The Bad’ and ‘The Funny’… That way it gives my reviews a theme and also makes it a bit different to others because I love comedy and now I can share my sense of humour with the world.

For me, it’s the little witty things that make me laugh… But you will learn more about that soon enough.

So yeah, a few changes but that’s the thing with life. You got to always look to make things better.

Am I GEEK? Blog Sleeping Geeks has only started out so we still need to find our personality so be patient with us and we will always look to improve and become an awesome Blog.

I’m going to become the PIRATE BLOG KING!