So they’re in 2012… 7 years in the future yet like year or so in the past… Wow. This is interesting…

A museum of alien stuff… nekk minnit the SWAT team arrives.

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Intruderwindow… I almost didn’t find that funny… No, I didn’t… This douchebag reminds of the guy from Spiderman who is the guy in charge of the Daily Bugle; John Jonah Jameson Jnr.

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So they meet up with the guy who claims he owns the internet… Rose mentions that this isn’t possible but he claims “that’s what they want you to believe…” This guy is officially a moron.

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Well, this is his museum and he has a deep interest in alien technology. He claims he has some sort of live specimen. The Doctor decides to rescue whatever it is and next thing you know, this dustbin starts talking. Apparently they’re the Dalek and the Doctor is shit scared of it. He thinks he will die but the thing can’t attack. There must definitely be something to this dustbin alien. I’ve never seen the Doctor react like this.

(Didn’t we already see a plastic bin alien in episode one? I think I need to steer away from all forms of bins from now on… Eyes the bin in the corner of his room)

Apparently all the Dalek’s and Time Lords died in the great time battle. They’re the only two that remain from their respective races. This is a sad scene and a good one too… Considering they’re both the last of their kind and share the same feelings although they bloody hate each other.

The Doctor tries to kill it but Mr ‘I own the internet’ stops him.

Finally found someone that ticks the Doctor off. I’ve heard of these Dalek things before… I think my friend told me they’re meant to be like really evil and have personalities despite their robotic appearance. Yeah, a robotic personality… right?

Rose starts hitting off on this English ‘genius’ guy who works with the bastard who thinks he owns the internet. This flirting technique is really smart considering she can get people to do things for her.

She realises that the Dalek is being tortured and decides to rescue it, knowing little to nothing about it. She feels sorry for him, the stupid girl.

The Dalek is apparently living inside that dustbin battle-armour and is genetically modified by some guy who made them and they only have one emotion. Hatred!

The internet guy realises The Doctor is also an alien so starts experimenting on him. The doctor claims that the thing is dangerous; it will get out and can destroy the whole planet.

Rose is stupid enough to touch it and it gets free which prompts the bastard to release the Doctor. Apparently the Dalek are geniuses and can unlock and combination of a door and the body armour protects it from bullets.

Did I mention it can absorb energy and information? By just using one computer, it managed to absorb the whole internet. If it wasn’t before, it’s definitely a genius now. Might as well call it a Google-Bot.

The doctor actually looks afraid.

Rose think a flight of stairs can stop him from chasing it… Until the thing starts flying…

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It’s dead smart… It uses the fire alarm to trigger the water sprinklers that he then uses to electrocute the soldiers. It seems the Dalek has nothing to live for considering all its kinds are dead and the Doctor seems to hate the thing with all his passion; tells the Dalek to kill itself but it refuses. The Dalek wants to kill everyone… That’s what the Doctor thinks.

The Doctor is so afraid; he’s willing to trap Rose down there with it if he has to. Looks like Rose is trapped down there with it…. Is this it? Is the Doctor going to let Rose die?

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The thing is contaminated somehow because of Rose, otherwise Rose would now be dead.

I don’t think I should call it a thing though… That’s just disrespectful. So now the ‘Dalek’ is using Rose as a hostage in order to get out… The doctor thought she was dead and was distraught but realises that what he did was a mistake and that he has to save her.

The Dalek is questioning itself and finally claims he wants freedom. Still don’t understand why it can’t kill Rose. Apparently she gave him life. In the end he just makes a hole in the ceiling and escapes.

The Doctor wanted to kill it but apparently the thing has mutated because it absorbed Rose’s DNA and now is a different species altogether.

It asks Rose to let it die.

So she does…

Mr. “I created the internet” gets done over by his assistant and has his memory wiped whilst the self-proclaimed genius Rose started hitting on, who left her and saved himself when the Dalek was chasing them is given a ride in the Tardis at the end of the episode. Fantastic (In the most sarcastic manner possible).

“The Good,”

Mr Internet gets it good. His personality was very villain like and I really wanted to see him suffer in some way. The way he got ‘done over’ by his assistant was very well done.

The Doctor’s reaction to the Dalek. When you see the Doctor that scared, you know this thing is quite the something. We even get to see a side to the Doctor that isn’t willing to reason and has his emotions take over him. There is a lot of pain he’s feeling after seeing this creature and I think its good for his character development. Still find it bizzare that a dustbin can destroy a whole city.

“The Bad,”

The dude that’s been hitting on Rose. I just don’t like the guy… And let’s leave it at that. And I’m pissed off he gets to have a ride in the Tardis. #TeamMickey

The design of the Dalek. I think its too simple and boring. The slush inside it reminds me off that creature from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

“& The Funny”

“Intruderwindow” – Now that I think about it… It was bizarrely funny. I shouldn’t laugh but that was such a bad joke that it makes me smile. I hate myself for it but I guess that’s me.

I also found it hilarious when they thought the Dalek would be stopped by a bunch of stairs. I mean seriously… That was the stupidest thing I’ve heard. Did they seriously think they could escape him via stairs. Can you imagine a villain saying, “Damn you stairs, you’ve foiled my plans again… Until next time… I will find a way to overcome my only weakness.” xD

Apart from that, a pretty serious episode.

Overall, this episode was actually pretty good. I enjoyed it. It was interesting and moved at a good pace. Still didn’t make me think Awesome thought but it gets the highest rating so far.