12 Days of Anime Christmas: Day Seven


Day Seven has already passed… Can you believe it?

Well, I’ve decided today that once I am over these 12 days of Christmas fasting… I will start watching Kill La Kill. I’ve heard good things about it and I am looking forward to starting a new anime. So yeah, that’s number one on my list.

Last night was work night so didn’t get to do much although I was planning on doing lots. I managed to read the latest Fairy Tail Chapter so that will get a review shortly as will Thorn #6 which I have managed to finish writing.

* * *

Moment of the day…

… I hadn’t really thought about this so I just sat down and thought of a random moment that lives long in my memory from this past year.

Considering my whole year was revolving around this anime, it will get another moment… And boy was it a death-defying moment… Literally…

I’m talking about Eren’s death in Attack on Titan.

I am still mortified when I think about it… Eren going rescue mode to pull out Armin’s body out of the Titan’s mouth and then falling inside himself. I mean I was already shocked beyond belief when he’d lost a limb or two but when he got eaten… I was say there thinking to myself… Is this even real? Is this another Kamina?

Funny how it was the Santa Claus Titan that ended up eating him…

Well, that’s spoiler enough but I won’t talk about it anymore… That’s all for today.

Here’s a clip from the scene for you to enjoy…

Happy Holidays!


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