#Chapter 170

This Tower of God chapter starts off with Baam remembering his good old days where he would just lay there and wait for Ms. Bitch Rahel to come and talk to him. He was helpless back then and his whole world was that one girl. Still can’t believe someone can be so cruel as to do that to him. Killed the whole best friend thing for me… But let’s not talk about that now. I will go off on one again…

So he doesn’t want to be helpless and wants to be strong. Little does he know what’s in store for him…?

Reflejo the bastard is concerned with the disappearance of Yuto because she (yeah, we learn she’s a she now…) knows everything they were planning to do.


Reflejo… The Bastard!

Suddenly she sends him a voicemail/text message asking to talk to him. He think she’s planning on betraying them so he lets her know it’s too late as Baam will become the powerful that they will pass on to the FUG Slayer; some dude that goes by the name of Karaka.

Not much is known about Karaka but we will learn more soon I’m sure…

Yuto doesn’t think Karaka is worthy and is surprised he was planning such a thing and reveals herself to be the mysterious and lovely Hwa Ryun; the red-haired girl who always rescues Baam and helps him out. #


Hwa Ryun; Baam’s FUG Guide.

She reveals that she had disguised herself as Yuto after Yuto had finished her task. She also claims their plans failed upon trapping Baam in there as the Thorn they thought was a fake was actually a container so he could absorb the real Thorn.

In other words, all these haters are screwed!!!

With that, Hwa Ryun escapes and a worried Reflejo calls for the Mad-Dog because unless they cover this up, the ‘elders’ of FUG won’t be too happy about this.

Team Rescue Baam easily defeats the security and begins to question how easy it was whilst also commenting on how strong they might have become…

Just to add that little bit of humour to put a smile on my face. Like I wasn’t smiling my face off after Hwa Ryun completely screwed Reflejo over.

Before they can get to Baam, a level 85 Patrol – Blue Titan; a large tank of a robot comes out to stop them. Novick is given the task to ‘blow the bloody doors off’ whilst Kang takes on the Blue Titan.

Novick’s attempts aren’t going to well when suddenly he thinks he’s managed to open it… Until he hears a voice say ‘Move’…

Nekk minnit… A blue flash zooms across the room and takes out the robot creature, and there standing at the door in all his glory is our hero, Baam! He’s looking sharper than ever and his sexy long hair still the bomb!

“The Good”

The way Hwa Ryun completely trolled Reflejo and undid their secret plan was amazing. It was as if she knew all along.

I loved how Baam broke through the door and took out that tank of a titan in one shot. If he wasn’t super strong before… He is definitely super strong now.

“The Bad”

I think the chapter should have had a few panels to Koon and the gang… Feels like I haven’t seen anybody apart from Rak. Although we have missed the guy for a while and I love all his scenes.

“& The Funny”

It was funny when Hwa Ryun jumped into the abyss below and one of Reflejo’s cronies mentioned how she’s dead… Obviously she wasn’t going to kill herself but one would sure think that way, although it was obviously not going to be true. So yeah, I laughed.

This chapter was much better than the previous one so it gets a nice 7/10!