Luffy Xmas

Dammit! Almost forgot about this… It’s day nine today and I was counting the days down on my fingers and realised… Dang it Fool… You forgot number Eight!

So yeah… Apologies for my forgetful nature. Although it’s not my fault… It is in my nature to forget. You’ll learn to forgive me and get over it. Although my wife still hasn’t… 😛

I’m really looking forward to Christmas… and watching Anime again. Seriously… I’ve been hearing some good stuff about the One Piece fillers and I am dying to watch. Been at home for a couple of days now and its getting annoying. But I’ve made a commitment so I’m going to stick by it. Not watching any anime until Christmas comes.

* * *

Its your favourite bit now… Anime moment of the day!

Well, my most memorable anime moment of the year number eight… That’s the most fitting title.

Well, something that is still fresh in my memory is that Epic Punch!


That punch was definitely something. It takes part near the end of the Punk Hazard arc which has recently come to a finish. A review for the arc is in the makings…

There stood Caesar Clown going on about how big this operation is and how important he is… Luffy stands there getting angry. Caesar Clown for some stupid reason thinks Luffy is the type of guy who would get scared into backing down. This guy went up against the whole of Marineford to rescue his brother. Do you think he’s going to be scared of anybody?

Well he got his answer in the form of an epic punch… All wrapped up in some Armament Haki.