Day Nine! I’m tired and happy… Tired because I spent the whole day blogging, networking and watching copious amounts of traffic reach the blog and happy for the very same reason. It feels like you’re the popular kid in school and you’re making so many friends because everybody discovered something weird about you they never knew before and they want you to keep showing them and they call their friends to see it as well…


You’re telling me that never happened to you? Well, you missed out on an awesome part of childhood my friend. The feeling is awesome! Even though it’s all over the very next day. It feels like an episode of Recess to be honest.

I just realised, I’m using the 12 days of Christmas as an excuse to tell you people stuff about myself and you keep coming back to read it.

Does that make you people stalkers and me a stalkee? Is stalkee even a word? Nope, it’s got a squiggly red line underneath it.

*adds to dictionary*

There, that’s much better. MOM, I INVENTED A NEW WORD!!!

Mom? No, she doesn’t care anymore. She stopped caring after I turned 10. I’m not saying she stopped caring about me. She still does that and even listens to me when I blag on about how I’ve got this new blog even though she doesn’t really care about it but moms are cool and they will go through anything if it makes you happy. Well my mom is like that. Makes me feel lucky!

Enough about me… Let’s talk about ANIME!

* * *

So special memory moment of the day from the past year… From an anime… In case you had forgotten after the previous eight times.

This one is from Swort Art Online… And it’s a sad moment. I’m talking about Sachi’s death… Although she’s only in the anime for one episode… She leaves such an impression on the audience and Kirito himself. She’s the one to give him strength. He found happiness amongst the guild and spending time with her.

Sachi was the epitome of innocence. And you couldn’t help but cry at her death even though you only spent a few minutes of your life with her.

There are actually three video’s I want to share with you.

The first is the scene where Sachi dies. *sobs*

Here is the scene where Kirito receives the message she has left behind for him where she tells him not to blame himself that she has died and then she humsa little song in the end. Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. The episode has a really sad christmassy feel to it.

And finally a song dedicated to Sachi that I found. It’s quite beautiful and I hope you enjoy it.