Xmas Anime Girls

Soooo Tired…. *Yawn*

Had a 4am start to the day this morning… Not easy being a relief pharmacist where you start work at 6am and it takes 90 mins to get to your work place. It doesn’t help when you go to bed only 6 hours before you need to wake up. Add tossing and turning into the equation and you get around 4 hours of actual sleep. Then again, some people live off of 3 hours of sleep a night.

Definitely should get used to it if I ever plan on becoming a parent. I heard that shit is hard.

Anyways, let’s actually talk about some anime shall we. Its day number 11 but I’m late so I’ll quickly get the post done for day number 10 before I work on the one for today…

* * *

So a memorable moment from the year that is now ending in the form on an anime moment that lives long in my memory and will continue to do so. I’ve done this 9 times already… You would think it gets easier… No it doesn’t. It gets much harder because now you only got 3 more you can pick. Let me think about this…

This one is from Fairy Tail…

Gajeel and Natsu vs Sting and Rogue

Now this battle is not only good to watch but is hella interesting. You see all four of them are Dragon-Slayers. Natsu and Gajeel were idols of the two young Dragon-Slayers before they disappeared 7 years ago. But these rookies believe they have surpassed both Natsu and Gajeel for they defeated their own dragons. So it’s light and dark vs fire and steel. Awesome combinations!

There are a lot of ups and downs in the battle but in the end Natsu and Gajeel are two powerful for Rogue and Sting. I used two there on purpose because Natsu believes he can defeat them singlehandedly and sends Gajeel away via the most comic of methods. A dragon-slayers only weakness… Travel.

Despite Rogue and Sting getting their super saiyan on, they were no match and are easily taken out by Natsu. Before the match you thought Natsu and Gajeel might fail. In the end, you realise just how much of a difference there is.

Here’s an AMV of the fight to enjoy!