Xmas SAO

It’s still the same day… Although it is ending… Christmas Eve right now…. And almost midnight.


I am still very tired… I’ve been up for 17 hours. Although I did get like an hour of sleep after work, I won’t lie. But that hour of sleep compared to the rush I was swabbed in doesn’t do the body justice.

Imagine standing behind a counter with ten faces staring at you. Mind you, I got rid of the rush within 10 minutes. Call me a pro. It’s the fastest I’ve ever worked in my life and I did it in a very smart manner. I was actually proud of myself but unfortunately it didn’t help much as the previous rush was followed by another and then another. Christmas Eve I tell you. People don’t remember they need medicine until they know the Pharmacy is going to be closed.

Anyway… Here I am, still up at 11pm.

That fat bastard jolly old man still hasn’t shown his face up. I hope he doesn’t dare think I haven’t been a good boy this year. Apparently he knows when you’re sleeping and he knows when you’re awake the pervert. He also knows who’s been naughty and nice. Creepy as fuck.

That’s a lot of things to know for one man. Probably got an extraordinary super computer or something, with the Big Brother system installed on a worldwide scale.

* * *

The penultimate anime moment on my list… How the past 11 days have flown by eh? Christmas is already upon us. Perhaps we should go back and revisit all the posts that have led up to this moment…

*Realises how long that’s going to take*

On second thought, how about not. My eyes might start bleeding if I don’t turn this damn computer screen off soon.

Without further ado, my twelve days of anime memorable moment number 11…

… This is another Sword Art Online moment…

It’s actually the ending of the second half of SAO. I’m not sure if it counts as season two considering the whole thing was only 25 episodes in total.

Well, it’s the time when Kirito actually takes on the perverted bastard who has Asuna’s mind trapped in the virtual reality game that he taken over and has been toying with Kirito-Kun’s emotions. He sickens me… Sugou! I’ll never forget him. The creators of the series have done really well in creating a character that you can truly despise. Not only do you hate him in the virtual world but also the world outside it as seen by Kazuto (Kirito in the real world).

Overriding the whole system of the game, Kirito comes out on top despite being at such a disadvantage. He has such a strong will that he is able to conquer the system. And he hurts Sugou so bad that he literally injures his body in the real world as well as the virtual one.

But despite having the option to end him, Kirito allows the police to handle it by sparing the bastards life. I would have probably killed him to be honest.

The final scene is also awesome as they meet each other in the real world for the first time. Let’s finish it on a happy note. 🙂

I hope you come back tomorrow for my final piece to this amazing journey. If not, check it out on Boxing Day. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!