What Happens Twice Can Happen Thrice!!!

Sometime, in life, you experience a chain of events and later when you reflect on them.  You’ll ponder and you may possibly arrive at the conclusion, it was a sign…

For an example, i have a friend and just the other day, he got stopped by an police officer whilst driving, he was speeding.  For some bizarre reason the officer just let him off and said “be careful its that festive season.  There are a lot of people generally out on the street, so drive at a sensible speed.”

Where I’m from, thats considered a GOD DAMN MIRACLE! The Police are never that cool!  Thats the type of story you share with your buddies and they look at you with disbelief!  But you know like the officer said, festive season, so yeh maybe that particular officer is in  high spirits and feeling good.

So anyway, Dum ass friend goes on, and hes….Speeeeeding yet again….

Gets pulled over by a completely different officer within Ten minutes! From the last encounter, with the other officer…

Guess what? THE OFFICER JUST TELLS HIM OFF! And off he goes on his way again, the police officer being totally understanding…

Officer: “Yh i understand your getting late for work, just be careful”

Friend: “Of course officer will do i understand thank you….”

My reaction was…


Unbelievable!  Thats unheard of! But that really did happen…

So perhaps just a string of good luck?

So again, on his way, speeding to work yet again…. BUT heres the punchline

His car breaks down and then he has a small accident (nothing serious) and consequently LATE for work! Like OUCH! The Universe is a bitch!

It made me wonder, on his behalf… Maybe those first two encounters was a sign, a omen perhaps….

Where i got this concepts of omen was from a book i read listened (audiobook) ” The Alchemist by  Paulo Coelho”  I’ve only recently entered the world of audiobooks, so far read three books currently on my fourth.  The first book i experienced was The Alchemist.  If you haven’t read it, i highly recommend it such a inspirational book.  It took only four hours to read listen to the whole book.

The book is about this boy,  Santiago, who sets off on a journey to find his “personal legend”.  The context of Santiago’s journey and his personal legend, as your reading listening to the book you automatically relate to it.  By the end of the book you do feel that perhaps you to have your own personal legend and there is a higher power guiding you towards it and that you are constantly presented with these “omens”  which aid you to make better decisions.

“When you truly want something, all the universe conspires in your favour, helping you to achieve it”

What a beautiful quote right?  The book is written with with loads of deep meaningful, metaphoric descriptions that you can later enjoy as you break it down, savour it and process what they mean on a personal planar.

Another one of my favourite quotes from the book is

  “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”    

Obviously it is just a fictional book but it can add a certain flavour, to your perspective in life, so i do recommend the read.

Jeez i feel a sentimental tone in todays blog…i must be coming up with a cold or hit my head somwhere… 

Hmmm a omen? (0_O)


Haha peace out nerds!