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12 Days have flown by and Christmas is finally here,

Make sure to give time to your loved ones today.

It’s that time of year to be happy and rejoice,

But don’t forget the needy; spend a thought in their way.


* * *

So for the final anime moment of the year… It is one with  quite a lot of emotion and involves my favourite character from the anime of the year…

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan

It’s quite an emotional scene for me. We all know how much Mikasa cares for Eren. He is all she has left in the world. He means everything to her. Her family was killed and it was Eren who came to her rescue. For Mikasa, he’s her angel… her reason to live. Especially considering she lost the mother she had in Eren’s mother after they adopted her.

When she realises Eren has died, she decides to hide behind a superficial mask where she wants others to believe she isn’t as affected by it as she truly is. Perhaps she doesn’t want them to give up because Eren never did so. Perhaps she just wants to take down as many Titan’s as she can in vengeance. Either way, she goes on a reckless spree taking down one Titan after another and our little GEEK Armin notes that its because she doesn’t really care anymore whether she lives or dies now.

You could feel the pain she is feeling and she’s trying to shut it out through action but at that moment, knowing the only thing you lived for is gone… That moment would be terrible to imagine.

But it doesn’t end there… Mikasa ends up getting herself into trouble and there is no way out. She stands before a Titan without any gear to help her escape. It is here she remembers she has to live on, for Eren’s sake. He would never give up and neither should she. She continues to try and fight her way out.

Just when you think its all over for her, in comes another Titan at her rescue. And you immediately know, this Titan is none other than Eren Jaeger.

It’s like WHAT?

How is this… How can he become a Titan?

But he comes in and kicks the other Titan’s ass and gives Mikasa hope that her reason to live is still breathing… Even in its hideous Titan body.

There you have it folks… That completes the Twelve Days of Anime from me… I plan to do more for next year hopefully so please do come back.