Ever wondered what the hell Boxing Day is supposed to be?

When I was younger, I thought it was the day when all the boxing fights in the world took place. Just a co-incidence it was the day after Christmas… XD

Well, now I realise it’s Boxing Day because people continue to exchange gifts in boxes, or are still opening their boxes from the previous day. Bosses would give their servants and workers a gift in the form of a ‘Christmas Box’.

But that’s not the official reason for the name. In fact, there is no official term for it, well not according to Wikipedia; the world’s number one place for information after search engines. It claims there are several theories and the theory of boxing is one of them.

I think gifting day would be more appropriate but I guess that would an unofficial title for Christmas day.

Then again, in some parts of the world, Boxing Day is known as the Second Day of Christmas. Having two days for Christmas sounds reasonable to me. One day is never enough to celebrate with everybody. Imagine having one day for family and another for work colleagues and friends. That would make life so much easier.

Boxing day is also a religious holiday known as St. Stephen’s day.

I live in England, yet I didn’t even know. Shame on me…

For most people I know. Boxing Day is all about shopping. After Christmas, all the major stores decide to put out a huge clearance sale because, let’s face it… everybody has already spent most of what they had on Christmas gifts and it would take such a huge sale to get them to spend again.

For me Boxing Day is all about Football. All the English Premier League Teams have a tradition of playing football on Boxing Day so it’s a great way to pass the day. 10 matches to watch is an amazing choice.

In Australia they have a tradition of Cricket being played and apparently the attendance this year broke all record with the Test Match gaining over 90,000 spectators.

Who said Cricket was dead?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any major boxing…

I actually asked my Mom if she knew why Boxing Day was titled as such and she gave me this look where she isn’t sure and then she goes… Is it because of the Boxing? So there you have it. That’s where I got my original thought from.

So yeah… That’s my take on Boxing Day!