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This truly was a beautiful scene, You get to witness The Doctor in a feeble & vulnerable state just before his final moments.  Superb acting from Matt Smith, you really get to feel the joy in The Doctors face when he sees Clara after so many years.   They share a christmas cracker and a piece of papers comes out, to which The Doctor gestures  “Is there a joke? huh? Is it a Knock-Knock one? Those are best.” Clara replies “I don’t think so.”  to which The Doctor eagerly responds “Well read it then, go on.”

…And now its time for One last bow.

Like all your other selves,

Eleventh’s hour is over now.

The clock is striking twelve’s.”

by Eric Ritchie Junior

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Don’t we all want a grandpa like that!
Perhaps the knock-knock joke The Doctor had in mind was…


Who’s there?

The Doctor.

DOCTOR WHO!? (hehe)

I don’t intend to reveal anything in this blog, going to do my best not to, because this is a episode to watch.  It was Matt’s best performance and in the tone of the 10th Doctor HE WAS BRILLIANT!”

After watching the 50th anniversary episode i felt a great deal of joy! I was SUPER proud of the The Doctors and the same time immensely happy.  Just look at his face at the end of the episode, this was a facial expression i have never seen.

For the first time in a long time, there's hope in The Doctors eyes, Not his usual BIG, SAD, LONELY eyes. Hes finally going home....
For the first time in a long time, there’s hope in The Doctors eyes,
Not his usual BIG, SAD, LONELY eyes.
Hes finally going home….
All that hope, unjustly sapped away...through time
All that hope, unjustly sapped away…through time

I had a HUGE smile as i watched this scene on The Day of The Doctor

Just didn’t seem fair, but from a actors perceptive there isn’t a better time to leave i think, draw the curtains whilst your still GREAT! 

Watching The 11th Doctor hallucinate as he regenerate was heartbreaking =(

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” it all just disappears, doesn’t it? Everything you are, gone in a moment, like breath on a mirror. Any moment now, he’s coming.”
"Who's coming?"
“Who’s coming?” are The Doctor."
You…you are The Doctor.”
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“The Doctor!”
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*The Doctor starts to hallucinate*
Whos Amelia?”
“The first face, this face saw”
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“Yep…and i always will be…But times change and so must i  “
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“we all change, when you think about it.  We’re all different people, all through our lives.  And thats OK, that’s good, You’ve got to keep moving.  So as long as you remember all the people you use to be.  i will not forget one line of this.  Not one day… i swear.  I will always remember when The Doctor was me.      “
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*He starts to hallucinate again, this time the older Amelia appears before him and says…*
“Raggedy Man…Goodnight”
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….It just hits the floor
...he takes off his bow tie, thats one of the most iconic things about The 10th Doctor...his Bow tie.
…he takes off his bow tie, that’s one of the most iconic things about The 10th Doctor…his Bow tie
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And in a instant! just like that he changes! =( Goodbye Matt Bow ties were never cooler!

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I really wanted to PUNCH him in the face!

I know in time I’m going to love him, but right now i hate him!

Merry Christmas Geeks! Slightly Late 😛