Coincidence; Does it Exist?

1. a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.

Sometimes things happen in such a way that you think, this cannot be a coincidence. But then again, there is nothing to say it isn’t but one of the weirdest things just happened. I was there sat in bed, planning to go to sleep but thought, I’ve still got 15 minutes before my schedules bedtime begins.

Yeah, I schedule bedtimes for myself when I have work in the early morning so I can the beauty sleep I need. I usually calculate it be around 7 hours.

But that’s another topic… Let’s not wander off and get back to my story.

So there I was, thinking I’ve got a quarter of an hour to go and I thought, why not use the time to plan for my blog. I always have it in the back of mind to get things done. Now the recent thought I had was to dedicate a month each to my favourite artists in the music industry. What better way than to dedicate the month of their birthdays.

The first one that came to mind was Kid Cudi. I’m a huge Kid Cudi fan and I will go into more detail about that at some other point, considering his birthday is in January, but I didn’t know that at this point. You see, although I have favourite artists, I don’t really pay much heed to their lives apart from their music and the odd story I catch here and there.

Well, I tapped Kid Cudi into my keyboard but for some reason Google decided to spaz at this point. So I immediately moved on and typed in the next artist that popped into my head… Hayley Williams from Paramore. I’m a huge fan of her music and I think she has an awesome personality so yeah, a huge fan. And guess what, Google decided to stop spazzing at this very point.

Would you believe what I see next? The birthday of Hayley Williams is on the 27th of December.

It was this very day!!!

The day I was searching for her birthday. The thought popped into my head at a random time. I randomly decided to pick her second after my first attempt didn’t work out for me… So yeah… It was very weird.

But I guess I was meant to find this out today. Unfortunately the month is almost over so I can’t really dedicate it her now, that’ll have to wait till next year but what I can do is dedicate the day to Hayley Williams and Paramore with a follow up post.

Sometimes its just weird shit like this… Other times you think…

Fry God Message

Sometimes you sit down and think… Is this a coincidence…? I think not…

It doesn’t happen often and when it does, you question it… But let me reassure you…



4 responses to “Coincidence; Does it Exist?

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  2. Frankly, usually I don’t give a bloody rag whether some occurrence happened due to coincidence, god’s intervention, cosmic energy fluctuation or some other magic or physics. It may or may not have been a result of something supernatural, but it just doesn’t matter. What matters is how the occurrence itself influences me and my life and what decisions do I have to make with regard to it.


    • Yeah that makes sense… That’s the only thing that really matters. But sometimes you like to find meanings behind these occurrences and most of the time you don’t really know what the meaning is and you make things up. There might not even be a meaning behind it. It might just be a coincidence.


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