Failings of a Parawhore – Happy Birthday Hayley!

Hayley Williams Birthday


Can’t believe I didn’t know her Birthday was today though… I failed hard as a Parawhore… At least I managed to find out in the end through divine intervention. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read this…

What’s a Parawhore you ask?

It’s the name given to those who are obsessed with Paramore. Basically the Paramore fan-base

Who are Paramore you ask?

Fun Fact about Hayley on her Birthday!

She was given the nickname Spongebob in High School because she had a gap between her front teeth… How adorable…!

Here’s my favourite Paramore song for you all the listen to and enjoy!

And this is one of many…


2 responses to “Failings of a Parawhore – Happy Birthday Hayley!

    • The earlier stuff was indeed much much better… From the new stuff, I’m trying to let it grow on me but you are right, it’s getting a little too mainstream.

      But I still love them despite their short comings.


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