Reaching my Landmark – Attaining Targets

I started my journey into the world of blogging on the 20th of November 2013 and that was the birth of ‘Sleeping Geeks’. My reason for blogging wasn’t much but now that I was here, I wanted to accomplish something. I wanted to make this blog work and make it reach heights that I could be proud of. I wanted to be able to say, I did it.

Aim for moon land stars

I always set my goals high so that even if I fail, I will have accomplished something, just by striving to achieve my original goal.

You see, I speak from personal experience.

Last year, I was working on my master’s degree in pharmacy and it was my final year. I didn’t want to achieve anything less than a 2-1; A Merit. However, I didn’t aim for that Merit, I aimed for a distinction. I tried to get the highest grade possible so that even if I missed out, I would be satisfied with the grade I achieved which is exactly how it was. I missed out by a 2% or so from the percentage required for a distinction. Although a little disappointed with coming so close; I was satisfied with my result.

That being said… Sometimes, if you work hard enough, you can reach the high target you set for yourself. You can reach that moon.

With this blog… I set out a few targets with Detective Loki. We decided we would aim to achieve the following by the end of December.

  • 50 Blog Posts

The benchmark I set out was pretty high and would have been difficult, but I wanted that challenge. I wanted to push myself so that “Sleeping Geeks” could become the best it could be before the New Year started.

That landmark was reached today!

We currently have:

  • 57 Blog Posts

It wasn’t easy. I didn’t think I would make it at the start of this week but you never what you achieve in life until you try it.

A major credit goes to the self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Consultant Blogger; Detective Loki in getting those numbers in the final week.

Speaking of landmarks… This is also my 50th post on the blog.

I’ve gotten my half-century…

Let’s set out some targets for the next month.

Targets for January:

  • 100 Blog Posts

I am basically going to try and replicate the achievements from the previous 6 weeks into the following month. It’s not going to be easy considering I have drained myself out but it is an attainable target if we work hard enough.

I’ll do another report in the month to see where we stand. Wish us luck…

I will share some tips on how I managed to attain my target being a newcomer in the world of blogging with you soon so you too can benefit from my hard-work and research.