Why did we become Sleeping Geeks?








To those of you who are freaking out and those who have managed to remain calm in sane in this crisis, fear not… I have arrived to shed some light on the matter.

For all of you, who were with us since the start of our journey, please do not be alarmed with the sudden change in the name of the blog. We are still the same GEEKS who you learnt to love. However, we do have a new name and a new purpose.

Okay, not so much of a new purpose but we do have a new name.

So why did we change?

“Am I a GEEK? Blog” was pretty cool and we did love it however we had the desire to purchase a domain name. Unfortunately “amiageek.com” was taken.


You can’t imagine our disappointed upon learning this. The site was inactive since like October but not much you can do in such situations though.

With no other choice on the matter, we decided to take a step into the dark side. It was metaphorically dark because we had no idea what we were doing. The last 24 hours or so have been very difficult and a lot of problems were faced.

We couldn’t agree on a new name. The one’s we did like had no domains available. We didn’t know how to register a domain and whether we needed hosting or not. Got some help from our pal Sunite at “dailyanimeart.com” and we eventually managed to figure it out.

And then, we couldn’t get the domain to work despite linking it with WordPress. It was one annoying problem after another and I was on the verge of pulling my hair out. The site kept going down and there were times even I couldn’t access it. A whole lot of transferring, designing logos/headers and stressing… I eventually managed to get everything in check.

This marks the birth of “Sleeping Geeks”.

Logo FontSo now we have a fully functioning website with our very own domain! This is so exciting! I can’t tell you how awesome it feels. I always wanted this for a very long time. I couldn’t have done without all you loving fans and followers.

Ok, now I feel like one of those fake actors who go on stage to collect their awards, thank their fans and laugh all the way to their bank accounts after every movie and they do not share a penny. I hate those bastards. We deserve those pennies.


A few changes to the blog…


Firstly, I would like to let you know, we’re going to have some young writers join as interns. Basically, they want to get introduced to the world of blogging and we here at Sleeping Geeks will give them the opportunity to blossom as writers.

Weekly Newsletter

Every Sunday, we shall post a newsletter about what’s happening at “Sleeping Geeks”. You will get updates on what we’ve been up to, what’s going to be coming up in the following week and you can become familiar with what we are all about.

So yeah, that’s all for today. I am your host Desperado signing out for the day…

But fear not… This was my sleeping period. It is during the night that I truly awaken.

Human by Day – Geek by Night!

Be Warned!



9 responses to “Why did we become Sleeping Geeks?

  1. haha love the new name and dat motto 😀 sleep by day, geek by night 😀 just like me xD sleep the day and do stuff in the night xD nightime is the best because that is the time when you dont have to get interupted and everything in the house is silent because everyone is sleeping and stuff 😀 but its only when i dont have school xD


    • That’s awesome you like it! I was worried, people may not like it and not relate to it! This makes me feel so much more positive. THANKS!

      I like to geek during the night as well. No disturbances. I be in my own world. I am no longer a human… I can be what I want. I am a GEEK!


  2. Wow great choice guys! Awesome to see it all being stepped up! 😀 And as soocat mentioned, definately a great logo and amazing motto! I’m surprised someone else hadn’t got sleepinggeeks, it’s such a relatable name! Also did you guys buy the domain through WordPress or something else?


    • Thanks man! That’s really encouraging.
      We were surprised it hadn’t been taken either. We did spend like an hour trying out several different names to see if the domain was available. Trust me when I say this… a shit load of awesome random domains are taken. I almost felt I lacked creativity.

      We bought the domain through GoDaddy.com


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    • Thanks man! Appreciated. Still getting some traffic at the previous domain. Hoping they continue to redirect here now. Don’t want to lose any followers.

      But hopefully we shall grow with this change.


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