Firstly, I would just like to point out, chapter #365 and it comes out at the end of the year… That is co-incidence at its finest. I doubt that could have been planned. That being said, I should have posted this on the 31st…

I know this is a bit late but better late than never right? I apologize for the lateness. To be honest, after reading the Christmas Special which I was disappointed with, I didn’t think there would be another chapter this week. Obviously I was wrong.

However, with it being the New Year… Hiro Mashima did give his viewers a treat with a chapter filled with fan service. I mean throughout the chapter Erza is in full display, completely nude. Obviously certain areas are hidden but I feel the main focus of this chapter was fan service.

I’d let you know, this chapter was a whopping 38 pages if you include all the art Mangastream adds in as well as the few colour pages Mashima provided us with. But that is a lot of pages…

So what actually happened in the chapter?

Natsu arrives at the scene of the crime and his detective skills and enhanced sense of smell figure out that the two Fairy’s, Erza and Mira had been drugged and he even managed to pick up their scent.

“Don’t underestimate a Dragon’s Nose!”

Did I mention this guy blew up the whole frickin’ house in anger?


Erza is in front of the Demon that looks like the cousin of Freiza from Dragonball Z. I mean they both have many similarities in appearance in my point of view and they’re both evil. So Erza is butt-naked, tied up in chains with handcuffs made of sea-stone seal-stone.

For a moment I actually thought it said sea-stone? I was like whaaaaat? Erza had a Devil Fruit all along?

So what’s a seal-stone?

It’s somewhat equivalent to sea-stone in One Piece considering it stops the user from using their magic. So Erza is completely helpless.

Why do you do this Mishima-San. It’s difficult to see Erza like this…

She is informed of the ex-Chairman’s betrayal and that Mira is being experimented upon and that they are planning on converting her into a Demon like they did with Minerva.

This is scary! They can’t turn our Fairy-Demon into a real Demon! NOOOOOOOO!

The reason Erza is in chained up is because they require the location of Jellal who happens to be the final remaining ex-council member who was part of the trio who sealed away ‘Face’ the secret weapon. That means he in no circumstance can be allowed to die…

And where do we find him? About to take on the whole of Oracion Seiss, bar Hoteye who has had a change of heart since his time behind bars. Meredy offers her help but he claims he doesn’t need it.

Why must you make life difficult for yourself Jellal?

The Freiza Demon continues to interrogate Erza with torture. The demon magic allows the victim’s sensitivity to be altered and Erza is feeling pain at its maximum level currently.


Where’s Natsu!?!

The ex-Chairman insists both Erza and Mirajane be killed as to hide his involvement. Just at that moment… Natsu arrives on cue, all angry and takes down the ex-Chairman in a flash!

Seriously… Is Natsu going to take on the whole of Tartaros on his own! If anybody can in the entire Fairy Tail universe… It’s NATSU!



What I liked about this chapter was Jellal’s fighting. He is really strong and we finally get to see him fight full on for the good guys. He is really confident about it though. Perhaps a little over-confident. But then again, it might be a strategy to taunt his attackers in becoming reckless. Claiming you are better than all of them at once can easily rile proud fighters.


Natsu figuring out everything so easily was a bit too much in my point of view but then again this is Fairy Tail and we are talking about Natsu. Hiro Mashima has a tendency of giving his readers what they want and that’s exactly what happens in this chapter.

Would have liked to see more on the other groups as well. It was too focused on just this part of the story considering there were so many pages to use.

I’m also not a huge fan of fan service. I don’t like seeing Erza in such a way considering she’s one of the character you grow to respect but each to his own I guess. Mashima once again; giving his audience what they want to see.



p>The ex-chairman makes me laugh. It’s his face and his style. The way he got taken out by Natsu was hilarious. Could turn out to be one of my favourite villains. To think this guy was the chairman of the council. No wonder people like Jellal turned out bad.

Overall the chapter wasn’t bad but lacked a lot in terms of plot. For me it gets a 7/10 if I’m being lenient.

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