ZERO-2-HERO: Chapter One – The Journey Begins

Journey Begins Chapter One

The first question that will be on your mind is, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?”

Okay, maybe you won’t be shouting as much but I’m sure that question will be somewhere in the back of your mind. Unless that is, you’ve already heard of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog challenge.

Is it actually a challenge? I’m not sure… It might be for some people. I think I’ll manage nicely. Although the other stuff I was planning to do might have to go on hold till the following month. Not enough hours in a day to write everything that comes to me but I guess that’s a good sign for a new blog.

Before I start rambling, let me tell you a little about this Zero to Hero thing.

Zero to Hero Banner

Every day, the bright minds of Daily Post will publish an assignment for those that are taking part in this Journey. It’s all about helping you create a better blog. If you know about me, you’ll know I’m all about improving myself, my writing and my blog. If the guys at Daily Post think this will help me become a better blogger then why not.

Without further ado, I shall introduce the first task and the start to this beautiful journey.


Day 1: Introduce Yourself

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

Hi! I’m Troy McClure Shaki! You might remember me from my previous introduction posts such as, “Rap Blog!” or “Reason to Blog!”… However, all that was last year.

Okay I know it was only about a month ago but this is a new start and this is the task at hand so I don’t really have a choice but to do it again so grit your teeth and endure it. I will try to keep it original and different but I can’t exactly lie to you and change my personality, likes and reason for blogging now can I?

Or can I?

I can always go back and delete my previous introduction posts. This can be like the do-over. It is possible but unfortunately, I don’t believe in do-overs. Everything in life happens for a reason and you just got to live with it and move on.

As you can see, I have a serious problem of rambling when I’m writing, which is strange considering I don’t have the same problem when I talk. Well I think I don’t although I could easily be proved otherwise by my wife.

  • Who am I?

I’m a former pharmacy student and now a part-time pharmacist who blogs in his free time. Yeah, jobs are difficult to find so I’m feeding off scraps working as a relief. Times are tough, even for us pharmacists.

I’m your typical modern-day Geek. I like anime, video games, television shows, movies, reading and other things that are similar in nature and I like to talk about them. I like to analyse and make connections and theories about all the things that I associate myself with. I like to keep my brain thinking and working. This is where blogging comes in.

  • Why am I here?

I started blogging just over a month ago in November. There is no particular reason why I did it other than to curb my boredom at the time but now there is a lot more to it than it was a month ago.

Now it has become my passion and this kind of medium suits me well to express myself. All I have to do is transfer my thoughts into words and because I am always thinking, I can easily do this. In fact, sometimes I think I find writing easier than talking.

One of the questions asked was:

  • Why am I blogging instead of writing a personal journal?

Well, because I want to interact with others. I want to share my ideas. Writing them in a personal journal is the same as keeping them locked in my mind. They are of no use to anybody else and there is no room for them to be corrupted or enhanced.

The mind is a beautiful thing and it deserves to be given a chance to be explored. I feel not doing so is a form of neglect. It’s like buying a dog and then not taking it for walks. It’s just not fair. You have got to take your mind for walks and let it free.

Blogging also makes me feel more confident about myself and my writing and I think it will help me improve as a person. Communication was not my strongest point but I believe that is now changing.

  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?

I’ll be writing about geek culture as you may have figured from my blog title. This is what I know best about and this is what I am passionate about so why not? It’s easier to write about something you understand and can relate to than something you know very little about so doing what I am doing makes perfect sense.

I won’t limit myself to just that. I will also talk about anything and everything that springs to my mind. One of my greatest traits I feel is my diversity. I like a lot of different things and I feel I can connect to a lot of different people.

  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

I would want to connect with others like myself who have a passion for new things, enjoy exploring new possibilities and sharing their ideas.

So far I am connecting a lot with anime lovers and the ani-blogging community and I glad that I have met these people but I would like to meet more people with diverse interests. I explore all the different blogs I come across in search of something new that I may become a fan of.

  • If you blog successfully throughout 2014, what would you hope to have accomplished?

Come the end of 2014, I would have liked to have engaged with other bloggers and have become part of, or created my own community of bloggers. I also want to create a team of bloggers who will work with my on my blog to create awesome content. More like a family of friends than associates. I want to be able to leave my mark on the internet and this can be my contribution to it.

So there you have it. It ended up being longer than I had expected but like I mentioned; I have a bad habit of rambling. I do hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave me some feedback about my writing style. I love criticism, both negative and positive so don’t think twice about it.


12 responses to “ZERO-2-HERO: Chapter One – The Journey Begins

  1. Wow, I think you’ve just put me to shame. I also started my blog in November and started with an intro post and why I started blogging, so I took that as a sign to leave off the homework for today, and now I’ve just read your post and can see that there was plenty more to talk about! Oops, well it’s late for me now and if I start writing now I’ll never get to bed!


    • Oh don’t put yourself down. I’m a freak when it comes to writing. I scare myself sometimes. I think I’m addicted. I’ve got this problem where I get addicted to things I like.

      With the 30 Day Zero to Hero Challenge is that you can always catch up on the one’s you miss. You don’t necessarily have to post on a daily basis. Just need to rack up all 30 by the end of the month.

      I’m going to encourage you do so because that’s just the type of guy I am.

      Besides, you are blogging for a great cause and you deserve some recognition so you can receive the donations you are targeting.


    • Haha! That’s interesting…
      With the interaction through blogs. It can be done at any time and then you wait for a response like you have done! If the blogger is awesome like me, he will surely reply. So what are you studying?


    • Wow. That’s crazy but I can imagine. Lol
      Interesting that he decided to do law after five years of studying. That’s a lot of more years of studying. But I guess he wanted to start over.


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  3. Hiya Shaki!

    Your writing style is fine, then again I do tend to enjoy a good ramble myself and end up apologising for it at the end of a comment! So my view on that may be somewhat biased! 😉

    I think why you started blogging was fairly typical of why a lot of people choose to blog (Boredom was a factor I forgot to put in to my intro, though that’s probably because it was a small part), but then it evolves in to something more than you expected it to be! Yours seems to have consumed a lot of your time and the $99 (I think you’re a Brit like me, so I don’t know how much that is in pound sterling) that it costs to have your own domain name! I’m currently ill and being shafted by the Government and so am not so flush with da monies! One day though!

    As for Anime, which jumps out when you first come in to your site, I’m not such a fan of it. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s become so popular that I see it everywhere and I’m sick of it. Please, don’t assume I’m some kind of Hipster cunt who loved Anime before it went mainstream in the West, I never really watched it besides Dragon-Ball Z, though I don’t even know if that counts?

    Other than the Anime, which isn’t me anyway, you’ve got some interesting and varying posts on your page! I saw some Dr Who which I enjoy from time to time! Was it just me or was the Christmas episode where Matt Smith’s Doc died off a little shite compared to ‘The Day of the Doctor’?

    Thanks for your visit and support! I’ll be coming back to check you out too! 🙂

    – Phil


    • Thanks for the awesome reply Phil. I love rambles and I love feedback.

      Dragonball Z definitely does count. It’s the inspiration for many modern day anime. A lot of current writers credit it as influence. You’re not a fan of anime, that’s fine. Each to his own.

      I know the hipster mind-set and I too get annoyed by stuff that gets super popular. Anime is something that I love and therefore I can overlook that fact, although some of the fans do drive me nuts. Even me. (I drive myself nuts, call me crazy!)

      To be honest. I am a total newbie to Dr Who. My friend who helps me run the blog and who kindly bought the domain name is the one who is obsessed with the show. I only decided to watch it after he begged me to. If he finds this comment, I’m sure he will respond to your question.

      Thanks for dropping by. I shall also pay you regular visits!


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