ZERO-2-HERO: Chapter Two – Learning Your Name

Learning My Name

Day 2: What’s your name?

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline, and flesh them out more in a widget.

For the second task of this journey, following on from writing about yourself, we were told to Find our Name.

Like we didn’t know our name already…

Well, they were more going along the lines of renaming your blog. And that makes sense. You should give the name of your blog some thought and if it needs changing, you should change it… after you gave it that initial thought. Now this is all well and good but it doesn’t really work for us. Let’s see why…

Well firstly, we only just changed it at the end of the previous month. In other words, it was just this week. We can’t be changing our blog title every few days. What will everybody think?

“These guys can’t settle on a title.”

“They’re indecisive.”

And that’s when the rumours will begin…

“I heard they had a quarrel between them…”


“Why Desperado and Detective Loki of course.

Best of friends and they let a blog come in between them.”

Well you know how it goes these days. Gossip and Rumours travel around like a virus. Everybody you know catches it.

The truth is, both Detective Loki and I agreed on the name and we both are very fond of it. I wouldn’t say proud. There’s nothing to be proud about a name. Not until that name has become “A Name!”… If you know what I mean.

What I’m saying is… or at least I’m trying to say. The blog title has just been thought up and changed from its previous title and we are sticking with it.

We are one step ahead of you, oh Zero-to-Hero Creators from the Daily Post. And we like our tag-line too. Don’t think you can try and change us. We won’t sell-out to the likes of you…

Okay, I’m getting a bit carried away here but I did something out from this task. I gave the blog a Text Widget that reads,


9 responses to “ZERO-2-HERO: Chapter Two – Learning Your Name

    • Thanks Amanda! I’m really glad you liked the pic! Just thought I’d do something creative in the form of art to go along with my writing.

      I was just checking out your blog… (Yeah I do that). That’s where I got your name in case you were wondering. I’m no psychic or a weirdo. I swear. Okay, I’m a bit of weirdo but that is normal these days.


      • No problem, and I don’t mind. I figured as much when I read it. I promise I’m not on creeper alert over here 🙂

        That’s cool. I always try to put in a picture when I blog. Last few posts have been picture-less, but I’m getting back into my groove.


        • Adding a picture also makes it look pretty and I like pretty so yeah. Go and make your site look pretty. You can go back and add pictures so no excuses.

          Although I have lots of previous posts that I need to add pictures to, so I can’t really talk.


          • Well right now I just finished making my first VLOG, and I’m uploading it onto youtube. 6:30 long, GOD I need to learn to shut up! Yeesh… HA! I think I’ve found my title for it.

            Oh my goodness, the random craziness just came out in public. Goodness


  1. I find the part about the “rumours” hilarious, especially the “Best of friends and they let a blog come in between them.” XD Anyway, I agree that it’s better for you to leave your blog name as it is since you’ve changed it recently.


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