Wow I’m a part of a blog, so where do I start?

Well for starters my name is Michael and I have a heavy interest in anime and manga having watched a lot I think critically about them which has led to me begin to start writing reviews about them so you can guess just about what I’m going to be contributing.

I am a writer where I spend time trying to write something but end up procrastinating but still get it done after some motivational anime watching which actually helps as I can actually stay focused on the task at hand (weird though).

I am an otaku at heart where I spend my days wasting time in front of a screen watching an animation that was produced by the Japanese or sitting on another screen staring at while music being played loudly while writing stuff whether it be stories, fanfic or what not.


My biggest influence to who I am today would be the anime Code Geass in which if you’ve seen it you know how awesome it is because was the anime that made the otaku I am today so I will most likely start off with that as my first review or maybe Attack on Titan.

Also on my To Do list is to write anime rants where I will just rant or more likely talk about what hate in the world of anime and manga.

That’s gonna be fun so look forward to those.

I am also a gamer which I will be also write reviews on games about how awesome they are or how crap they are. I’m currently addicted to Deus Ex: Human Revolution which I will write a review on it if I ever finish it.

I ended up here by Shaki from Wattpad where I got to know him and ended up volunteering to be a part of his blog (plus I need to do something with my life). Hopefully I’ll be able to get something up soon.