The Soundtrack to an Artist’s Life


A Review to “Soundtrack 2 My Life” – by Kid Cudi

I’ve used the lyric video so you can actually follow the song with the words Kid Cudi has used. Please do take your time to listen and understand his message.

This song isn’t just some ordinary song. It actually is a soundtrack to the life of Scott Mescudi. He talks about his past, his present and his future. There is so much packed into this song, it’s the best way to connect to  the man behind the kid.

Kid Cudi, like I previously stated, is an artist. You will not find another rapper out there like him. He is unique in what he does.

Does he care about producing mainstream music to please the masses? I don’t think he does. Because if he did, he would already be out there in our faces… but he’s not. He likes to remain in his own world and produce the music that he enjoys. It is music people like me and Loki can connect to.

Yes, we both love this guy…

It is because of people like us who connect with his music that he has amassed this cult following.

Verse One

“I got 99 problems… And they’re all bitches!”

This song starts off talking about how he has many problems in his life. He says it up straight; he doesn’t try hiding it because this song actually addresses these very problems. It’s honest and honesty is the best way to connect with other people.

Normal people don’t want to know about how rich a celebrity is and how lavish his lifestyle is with the money, girls and luxuries.

Yes, you may have started at the bottom but you’re up there now… Stop rubbing it my face already; jerk.

We want to know that these celebrities are people just like us and they do have every problems in their lives, be it due to their past or their present lifestyle because let’s face it… everybody has problems. It’s a part of humanity and by sharing these problems we connect with one another. That’s what Kid Cudi is doing here.

“Wish I was jiggah man, care-free living.”

This line is also a dig at the celebrities like Jay-Z who have made it, right to the very top. He claims he wishes he was Jay-Z as his life doesn’t seem to be that bad. Obviously the “I got 99 problems…” being a quote lifted directly from Jay-Z’s song “I got 99 Problems but a bitch ain’t one.” I think that was pretty smartly done; making a statement in a creative manner.

The rest of Verse is about his past; his family and the troubles they faced.

It talks about how he moved from Cleveland to Brooklyn and that ‘living it large’ isn’t as it easy as it seems.

He mentions how difficult it was for his mother to raise him as child being a single parent.

The death of his father affected his family making one of his older brothers to become ‘hood’, meaning he flew of the rails and got involved with the wrong crowd. Luckily for him, he had an older sister than kept him straight. And despite all that was happening, they couldn’t really tell that he was sad through-out his childhood. The death of his father obviously affected him a lot.


The chorus actually makes it very clear what Cudi is doing. He has all of these issues inside him and he’s letting them out its very emotional for him but he wants to share them with us.

Verse Two

The second verse talks about his common day problems that we can all relate to; Paranoia, Depression and Insomnia.

It’s not easy talking about such things and not many celebrities do which is why he claims:

“I tried to think about myself as a sacrifice

Just to show the kids they ain’t the only ones who up at night”

 He mentions trying to figure out what the world is about because when your life has problems, these thoughts come across your mind. He talks about trying drugs, battling his extreme depression, driving drunk and all the things that affect someone who is in need of healing.

It also talks about how he no longer cared about the things that you do care about when you are younger such as partying and sex. It shows that he went through a growing up period whilst trying to deal with his problems.

Verse Three

The final verse is about how he almost went completely off the rails, thinking about doing cocaine and contemplating suicide. He talks about not caring about what the media or people say about him. He isn’t affected by the haters and critics because they’d only end up making him more miserable should he actually listen to them.

He talks about his future and how he wants to settle down and actually get to live till his thirty’s and find a woman who can look after him.

He finishes off the verse with the line that claims he is still in the same boat.

soundtrack 2 my life


So there you have it; my review on this amazing song. I hope you got to appreciate it too because its not easy revealing your life and your problems to the world but Kid Cudi has done exactly that. It was this song that made me connect to the human that is Scott Mescudi because he shared his world and his problems with me, through this song.


15 responses to “The Soundtrack to an Artist’s Life

  1. I’d just like to say I aint a fan of much hip-hop or rap, this is not because they’re not talented, because some of the hip-hop beats are great! My issue is with the arrogance, materialistic and male chavinistic attitudes peddled by these types. I’m not saying they can’t act that way or rap about that stuff, but I aint a fan of it at all.

    Another thing with Hip-Hop, they always say they’re a reflection of the streets? If that’s the case why do they live in huge houses (When they made it big)? Why don’t they, like good ole ‘Jigga’ man should, use their money and influence to CHANGE the streets where they grew up? I mean, even if they aint successful being active in your community and trying bringing change is an easy thing to do! Yes, it may be small but it’s helping! Only the people who live in those areas can make them better again, the government can’t engineer a sense of community, no matter how much money they throw at it.

    I’ll get off that topic now, I’d end writing a book in the comment section! lol

    It’s refreshing to see Kid Cudi making this type of track! There’s so few hip-hop/Rap acts doing what he’s doing these days, talking about being mentally ill and vulnerable! He’s showing how he’s weak, despite the fact he’s been somewhat of a success, something other artists in that group just wouldn’t do. As far as I’m concerned they’re shitbags and Cudi’s the strong one as he’s exposed his underside!

    I like his honesty and the vulnerability in the song! Tiz refreshing! 🙂 However, I’m not a big fan of his music and his voice personally.

    – Phil


    • Each to his own Phil and I can completely understand your dislike for this kind of music and I can respect that.

      I agree with you 100% completely. These guys claim they came up from the gutter. Well you are out of there now and you have money to spare. Why don’t you become active in your communities and help them become civilised so that others don’t have to live in the gutter that you did.


      • Indeed Mr. Shaki!

        You know some of the supposed Punks and protest song writers can be assumed of the same thing! People such as Bono, for example. Says there’s lots wrong with the world and campaigns for change by kissing politicians asses, but if he was so determined to help then why not give most of his apparent $600 million fortune away? Let’s face it, he only needs a couple of million to set his and his family for life!

        – Phil


    • I understand what your saying also, Hip Hop/RnB and rap has changed drastically since the early 90s. There are artist today that sing or rap about pointless things as you highlighted above. But if you look back, there have been brilliant artists for example TuPac shakur, he influenced millions he rapped about politics, “the streets” etc, he influenced young peoples minds and brought light to the ignorance around that era. And yes he had his catchy songs about partying, drugs etc but never the less he was iconic for a reason and He was a member of the genre of music.
      whilst he was alive and even in death his legacy went on, thanks to him many communities where educated,support groups were formed and people where standing up for their rights.


      • Hey Loki! 🙂

        I’ve seen and read about the positive things about 2-Pac, which is good, however I feel he is a contradictory figure.

        Yes he did some positive things but he didn’t distance himself from the idiots he was involved with (And the way of life that surrounded them), which is why, ultimately, he was shot dead. If you live like a wanker then you’re gonna die like a wanker. I’m not saying that to be a cunt, but when you live in such a world and even promote it (Whether he meant to or not [If he was as intelligent as he’s made out to be then he knew what he was doing]) you deserve the title.

        I mean, the whole rap feud thing was something that belongs in a primary school playground at break! He was an adult, and so were all the others. The icing on the cake though is that they all take it so seriously. Because he partook in that type of life he has tainted the positive legacy he created forever, because now some people who listen to his music will mimic what he did (I’m well aware not all do), and that isn’t a good thing.

        As for his music, some of it is good, I like the beats and he’s a talented lyricist, but the content is not for me at all.

        – Phil


        • Hey Phil,

          2 PAC – changes
          Listen to that… One of his most iconic track

          Another amazing song of his was “ghetto Gospel” ft Elton John

          I am certain even yourself will appreciate them 2 songs in particular

          Perhaps he was foolish but never the less he was young when he died, he didn’t have a privileged background, like many, so that type of behaviour is common when all you know is violence, sex and drugs etc

          The fact that he was able to bring some light into streets via his rap and music
          It’s an amazing achievement.


          • I’ve heard both of them and I understand what you mean, but despite them he is still very obviously contradictory. On the one hand he was promoting the positives and on the other he was living a life that was completely the opposite to them.

            The thing is, Loki, he was well-read and supposedly intelligent, he reached the top and had the money, yet he still lived and acted like a dickhead with the dickheads. I don’t come from a privileged background at all, and neither do some of my former friends who are now in and out of prison, it’s how you choose to live your life that decides how you’ll live in the future (I chose different from them). Pac had the intelligence and the money to walk away, he didn’t, that’s what annoys me about him.

            Though you are right, some positivity is better than none, but as I said in my earlier comment, what he achieved is tainted now because of his contradictory actions. Which is a damn shame!

            – Phil


            • I respect your opinion Phil, but he died young and didn’t get the chance to clear his stigma. I don’t think it’s tainted, PAC set a standard for rappers of that time and inspired others

              An example is 50cent (not a fan or enjoy any of his work)
              But he’s had a movie based on his life and from what I saw, he was a scum!
              Sold drugs, shot ppl got shot etc
              Then became a successful rapper
              But look at him

              He’s involved in huge charity campaigns
              Were he’s bringing awareness to hunger etc in less fortunate countries
              And raising money as well as donating his own riches

              PAC played a role in 50 cents life indirectly
              All am saying is if given the chance, perhaps PAC himself would have developed into a better human.


            • On brighter and more fun news there are conspiracies that he’s still alive lol

              And for fun, if you go on google translate

              And type “will tupac ever die”
              In English to Vietnamese

              Then copy the Vietnamese translation
              Back into Vietnamese to English

              Read what it says… Spoooky o_O

              Anyway been a pleasure a Phil
              Ciao Peace


            • Tupac confirmed alive and working for Google translate from his new home somewhere in Luton! LOL!

              Ah man! 😉

              Been a pleasure here too, Loki! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, man!

              – Phil


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