Hey guys. I’m BronzePanic an absolute gaming mad-head.

I pretty much spend most of my time playing games on all platforms and from all genres.

My favourite genre has to be Real Time Strategy (RTS) such as:

  • Command and Conquer Series
  • Warcraft Series
  • Dune
  • Halo Wars

A list of some of the other Genre’s and Games in the BronzePanic Collection:



  • GTA Series
  • Prototype Series
  • Saints Row Series
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Fable Series
  • Red Dead Redemption

First/Third Person Shooters (FPS)

  • Max Payne,
  • Gears Of War Series
  • Halo Series
  • Call Of Duty Series

(Definitely not here to start a Halo vs. COD controversy 😛 )

Those are just a few recent games I’ve played on consoles and there are far too many to name (and can remember… not as sharp as I used to be).


I’ve always been a gamer as far back as I can remember. Those of you who know of the Amiga, (back when floppy disks were the craze)  It was my first gaming console.

I’m currently stuck studying at university finishing up Masters in Chemistry (love mixing stuff and watching it explode!!).

As well as my love for gaming, I love my sports. I play cricket at an amateur level as well follow it at an international level (that’s where the big boys roll…

I feel pretty privileged to be a part of this fantastically awesome blog and look forward to posting soon…